It's a Party + Hooray Gift Tags

Mayi Carles, Heartmade, It's A Party, Hooray Gift Tags, printable party download

Did you hear? It’s Oh My Handmade Goodness birthday this month. Hip hip hooray!

And guess what else? It’s my blogasversary too.

So, bound by my blog birth sisterhood, I considered it my duty to create something very special for Jessika + the Oh My! community this time around.

These It’s A Party + Hooray Gift Tags seem to be up for the challenge.

1. Download your free It’s a Party Gifts Tags + Hooray Gift Tags.

2. Print onto 8.5″ x 11″ heavy-weight paper. I love to print mine on heavy kraft paper, but feel free to play around with different card stocks. Prints 4 per page.

3. Trim along the outside edges using a guillotine or scalpel.

4. With a whole punch, cut a circle on top + attach a string or twine.

5. Attach to gifts + have fun celebrating.

If you’re feeling an overwhelming explosion of happiness or a sudden inexplicable desire to buy helium balloons. Don’t resist it. That was the desired intention.

In fact, I hope these tags give you a reason to hit pause + put the to-do list in time out + bring out the party bunting flags + whip out your fave cupcake recipes + party like it’s your birthday.

We all need a reason to celebrate. Don’t we?

  • Heather W

    Such cute little tags! I am unable to download the second tag. There is no link when you hover over it. Thanks for sharing these!

    • Jessika Hepburn

      Sorry about that Heather-thanks for pointing it out, I fixed it right away: )

  • Zoe | A Quick Study

    “If youโ€™re feeling an overwhelming explosion of happiness or a sudden inexplicable desire to buy helium balloons. Donโ€™t resist it. That was the desired intention.”

    This made me laugh out loud! Love the tags – super cute! Happy birthday, OMHG + Heartmade!!!

  • Mayi Carles

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONANZA YAYYYYY!. Thanks for your sweet words Heather. I hope you can download both tags. They complement each other real well, don’t they ๐Ÿ™‚

    LOL Zoe. I can picture you squeezing in time in your perfectly organized calendar to buy hellium balloons LOL. You are too funy girl!

    • Jessika Hepburn

      Go Mayi! It’s your birthday! Go Mayi!-I do that in my head every time I see these little girls you illustrated-they are oh my! goodness cute. Hooray for you! And your stupendously wonderful talents & hooray that you share them with us here. The made with love of Oh My! Handmade on your printable pages melted my heart all over the place. Cupcakes & squishes & lots of love are beaming across the world from me to you. THANK YOU!

  • Hana

    Mayi, I just love your illustrations – they are wonderfully whimsical. Happy blog-birthdays to both you and Jessika!! Looking forward to using these tags… I’ll have to go hunt for my cupcake recipe book now!! H xo

  • Rose

    Happy birthday! The tags are adorable.

  • Sarah Silks

    Happy Birthday!

  • Mayi Carles

    Hana you’re so sweet. Thanks so much for loving my illustrations + for celebrating with me + Jessika. Means so much to us.

    Take pictures if you can ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mayi Carles

    Jessika you are the best co-birthday cupcake loving friend that anyone can asked for. I feel so so blessed to have you as a friend + to be a contributor for oh my!

    i’m one lucky birthday lady ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Vicki


  • Julie Mills Simons

    Love these tags! So cute! I am thrilled to have found them. Great for grandkids birthday gifts.