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by Jessika Hepburn, Editor

green clean, green cleaning, eco nuts, soap nuts, natural laundry soap, cloth diapers, natural parenting

Oh this is fun-today I get to share two of my personal passions: natural cleaning & cloth diapering. Hold up! Before you go thinking I’m insane, cloth diapering is fantastic. No lie, it is probably one of the best choices I have ever made as a parent. First off it’s crazy cheap-like a $4000 dollar savings per child. Second, it’s crazy easy, just one load of laundry every other day. And third, it’s crazy cute (see exhibit A below of my favorite diapers):

green clean, green cleaning, eco nuts, soap nuts, natural laundry soap, cloth diapers, natural parentingBefore you ask yes, I roll my washcloths into flowers because it makes me happy-if I have to clean them I might as well enjoy it!

Of course there are other great reasons to cloth diaper like being kind to the planet & keeping chemicals away from your bebe, so I was all for it when our new advertiser Erica at Everything Mom and Baby suggested I review a box of Eco Nuts & offer you a giveaway for our Spring Cleaning theme. Eco Nuts aren’t just for cloth diapers but they are perfect for them and I am convinced they are genius of the highest order. You might not realize it but detergent is a cloth diapers worst enemy-oils and perfumes build up in the diaper and can make them smell and repel water. So I use the tiniest amount of detergent ever (like 1/2 a bottle of the detergent I use will last over a year) and wash my diapers without detergent regularly. Believe it or not but it isn’t really the soap that gets diapers (or clothes) clean it is hot water and agitation.

So Eco Nuts solve my having to fiddle with detergent or run extra wash cycles for my diapers I toss them all in, add my little cloth bag with two Eco Nuts in it and wash them as usual. I have been using them for a little while now and my diapers feel like new! They made something I thought was already easy, cloth diapering, even easier on my time and my budget.  Pretty amazing.

I have also been using them to wash all our other clothes and am loving that too, I just toss in an extra Eco Nut for heavier washes. And I want to try this recipe for making them into an all-purpose cleaner that can be used for everything apparently. Using one ingredient for a bunch of purposes always makes me happy, I’m all for keeping it simple.

What are they exactly? They aren’t actually nuts at all, Eco Nuts are dried fruit shells that come from the Soap Berry or Soap Nut Tree. They are not treated with any chemicals or processed. They contain “saponin, a natural cleaner that works as a surfactant, breaking the surface tension of the water to penetrate the fibers of your clothing, lifting stains from the fabric and leaving dirt suspended in the water that is rinsed away.” Read more details over on the Eco Nuts website. They are also anti microbial which is pretty cool for cloth diapers and when using public laundry mats if you live in an apartment.

With all of us trying to stretch our budgets and keep our houses clean Eco Nuts are an earth friendly & easy option to keep costs down while keeping things clean. Love it!

Now it’s your turn:

green clean, green cleaning, eco nuts, soap nuts, natural laundry soap, cloth diapers, natural parenting

Enter to win a box of Eco Nuts 50/90 Load (50 Hot Washes/90 Cold) from Everything Mom and Baby

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