A Taste of Ila's DIY Cat Craft Fever Birthday!

cat craft fever, craft party, handmade birthday, oh my handmade

Hello crafty cats! This Saturday I threw Ila a handmade 8th birthday party at The Lunenburg Makery celebrating her favourite things: cats, crafts, and cakes! I promised myself Β years ago to take her to Paris for her 16th birthday and since we are halfway there I threw a Parisian twist into our theme. Voila! Crafty cat madness. I took over 400 pictures this weekend and have a full post + printables & tutorials for you coming up this month, in the meantime here is a peek at some of the party goodness…

cat craft fever, craft party, handmade birthday, oh my handmade

There was polka spots! And macrons! And cookie Eiffel Towers + mustachioed cats + sweet Dachsunds! And of course lots, and lots, and lots of cupcakes. Yes, I made absolutely everything by hand from scratch, yes I know I am totally insane. I’m comfortable with my inner crazy crafty cat lady.

cat craft fever, craft party, handmade birthday, oh my handmade

cat craft fever, craft party, handmade birthday, oh my handmade

Of course there were crafts galore…but I’m saving those until for my full party post (and to buy me time to edit 150+ photos of little fingers + glitter).

cat craft fever, craft party, handmade birthday, oh my handmade

What party is complete without a photo booth and absurd props?

cat craft fever, craft party, handmade birthday, oh my handmade

If I wasn’t a mama I would sleep for a week! While I cat nap check out my first ever video tutorial-a wee smackerel of my fevered cat craft escapades.

Was it all worth it? Heck yes! Ila told me tonight as she drifted off into her first sleep as an eight year old, “Mama you are the birthday queen because you have magic in your heart.” I think this birthday fairy’s job is done for one year don’t you?


  • http://discoverpaper.com Donaville

    So adorable and the party looked like a hit! Love the kitty cat saucers πŸ™‚

    • http://ohmyhandmade.com/members/ohmyhandmade/ Jessika Hepburn

      @Donaville, Thank you! I was amazed how easy they were too-one of the least complicated parts of the party:)
      @Nicole, Aw shucks sweet friend, thanks!You know I do it all for the compliments;) Or maybe I’m just nuts-likely a bit of both!
      @Zoe, I’ll throw a party in your honour any day! You name the time and place:)
      @Micheline, your girls saved the day, I hope they are aware that I can never throw a party without them now! You are one lucky mama (ps. I would love to throw them a party one day!)
      @Colleen, live alligators! Now that is a party to remember! I adore you and your comment, there is a secret solidarity to us party makers who craft magic in the wee hours of the night/morning. I think parties are the ultimate Zen practice, all that work eaten up and mussed in minutes by little happy hands. The actual goodies are made to be destroyed but the memories are the real lasting gift!

  • http://www.threebysea.com nicole : three by sea

    Ok, so as I’m looking at your photos & reading about everything you did, all I could think was, “She is crazy insane!”
    Reading Ila’s response to it all that night made me think, “That would totally sucker me into doing that for her every year- loL!”
    I said it earlier and I’ll say it again, that little lady is one lucky little girl to have such an amazing mama! πŸ˜‰

  • http://zoerooney.com Zoe

    My gosh, no wonder you are tired – that is one fancy party! Lucky girl πŸ™‚

  • http://bettyandbing.com/blog Micheline

    I saw it in real life and sampled those cupcakes. There is no doubt; you are magic!

  • http://www.colleenattara.com colleen attara

    So love this! I remember these days. I was a magical fairy on birthdays too….making cities out of cardboard boxes that line the hallway, staying up till the wee hours of the night making alligator or teapot cakes…and actually having live alligators in my home. I still creatively honor birthdays as much as my teenagers will allow me to!

    Jessika…these are the things we hold closest to our hearts. xo

  • http://danniellecresp.com Dannielle

    Oh this looks wonderful! I think you may just be the birthday queen! What an amazing job!

  • http://la-alicia.blogspot.com La Alicia

    WOW!! What a cool party — I’m sure she’ll never forget! Your love shows through in every element!

    I love what she said to you about being a birthday queen! So sweet!!!

  • http://www.loveleesoaps.com Leeana

    You did such an amazing job! Everything looks fabulous! πŸ™‚

  • http://knicknknacks.com/ Alex

    Everything looks so pretty and neat. I might be getting a *bit* overage for this, but I want someone like you to organize a party for me πŸ™‚

    Oh, and the snacks… ^-^

  • http://buttonwoodcottage.com Kasey M.

    That’s one lucky little girl you have – and it sounds like she really appreciated her party!

    By the way your first video tutorial is fantastic – great job!

  • http://Moxiepear.com Moxie Lisa

    Ooh la la! What a great party theme! Love the video, I just did one recently myself πŸ™‚

  • http://borealtrim.com Lori-Ann

    You are the best mama ever. And Ila is a darling! Happy birthday to the big girl!

  • http://www.RocajoStudio.blogspot.com Tania {Rocajo Studio}

    You certainly celebrated BIG time! πŸ˜‰

    Our children will remember the parties, we will remember the preparations. We only have so many birthdays that our children will allow us to go “all out” before they are all grown up (or so they think).

    Sweet, sweet memories.
    x Tania