Smart Ideas’ Corner: Items To Do Out Of Playing Cards

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Hands+Heart+Head=One Man’s Trash, Another Man’s Treasure

We like to encourage the art of reusing old items around the house you would otherwise throw away which is also referred to as recycling or upcylcing. And we are going to give you an excellent example of an object we know you will find pleasure in making using our old decks of playing cards we all have lying around the house: a gift/storage box!


How To Make A Gift Box Out Of Playing Cards

Start by making the walls of the box using two cards, one over the other forming a cross – and guiding yourself using the numbers on the corners; make sure both ends are sticking out and are equal in length. Fold the ends of the cards then bring them together to lock them so they form a tile by tucking one end of the cards then flapping on the other end on the other side. Make six of these tiles and attach them together to create a box. Use playing cards to create a hinge- if you are a big fan of poker, you definitely have one or two old decks of cards you are not longer using somewhere left in a drawer, since you now like to play poker online at and eliminate the need for physical cards that get damaged or lost easily. Plus, you can play several games at a time or attend an adrenaline-pumping Speed Poker game which you wouldn’t be able to play from the comfort of your own home thanks to popular sites like Ladbrokes Poker, not to mention the opportunity to play using their mobile alternative.  


Getting back to our instructions, continue by sticking a card between the two cards belonging to one of the tiles half way, fold the card in half then put the walls of the box together. Easily slide the tiles onto the hinges and repeat the process and obtain the four sides of the box. Add a top for the box following similar instructions and use aces if you are an avid poker player – you’ll definitely enjoy your small box!