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Community Citizenship

Suggested price:$10.00 / month

Be a citizen of our community for the head + heart + hands. 

We are creating a self-organized community where we are all equal citizens with a vote and not just members. As citizens we work together to collaborate instead of compete and what we want for ourselves we create for each other.  Our community is a space to share meaningful connections and real human moments. The kind that lift you up, inspire confidence, and help create a network that can support us through both success and struggle.

Whether you make art or make change if you want to make more goodness pull up a seat at our table, and bring something to share.

Our Give What You Can pricing structure is based on the honour system – please honour the thought + love + work that goes into offering this community and we’ll honour your contribution, whatever it is. We need your unique mix of ideas and insight, be welcome!

Real community takes all of us and we each bring something needed to the table. Your investment helps us be advertising, sponsorship, and financing free leaving all the power in our mighty hands.

 / month

Product Description

Become a community citizen

OMHG is a community for the head, heart and hands.  We welcome anyone interested in working together who value some simple principles of goodness: Respect, Equality, Diversity, Cooperation, Compassion, Goodness & Citizenship. Your citizenship offers full access to our Communifire powered network and a voice + vote on our future. Engage in daily conversations, share skills, learn from each other, participate in collaborative projects, suggest changes or improvements, and step up for leadership – however you join in we can’t wait to welcome you!

Our community is an on-going experiment in self-organizing so there is always something new being explored, we’ve hosted and led cooperative projects like our Community Art Prints, Maker Mail, mail swaps and baby showers, business launches, product collaborations and offline gatherings + events of all sizes across North America. We’re learning and growing together with the help of many heads, hearts, and hands.

Learn more about our community and vision here. 

Benefits to Citizenship

  • Give what you can, do what you can. Choose how much you invest financially and how much you contribute-whether you pop in for quick visits or dive into leadership, there is a place for you. Businesses and organizations with services, supplies or resources can join as marketplace members & receive a listing + community profile.

  • Join a warm, welcoming community with every tool needed to collaborate.  We’ve partnered with Communifire to offer our members all the features of a full social network with calendars, discussion forums, blog, articles, chat & many more ways for us to collaborate and share our ideas like never before. All your content is owned by you, is completely private, and will never ever be sold.

  • Create meaningful connections. The kind that lift you up, inspire confidence, and offer you a safety net for taking action on what you care about most. In a world that keeps encouraging us to shout to be heard we choose to listen carefully and work together instead of adding to the noise.

  • Be welcomed into our family & community. We’ve supported each other through big things like new babies, crazy awesome dreams, success/struggle, illness, loss, signing contracts + book deals, planning launches and collaborations. We are also there like the best kind of family for the ins and outs of every day life, reminding each other of all the good in the world and ourselves daily.

  • Find collaborators & cheerleaders. Stop trying to do everything alone! Collaborators with strengths and skills you lack + cheerleaders to share and support your work is everything whether you are a hand-maker or a change-maker (or both!).

  • Skill sharing & mentorship: We mentor each other by drawing on our diverse experiences and skills to create a network of open sharing and peer support.

  • Leadership opportunities:  A great community needs a team where everyone is invested in making things happen. Support us as we create a new kind of self organizing community.

  • Annual General Party: Our annual general party is a virtual gathering that takes place May 1st of each year where citizens vote on the future of our community, sign up for leadership roles, and craft our offerings for the coming year.

  • Events & Gatherings: Our second annual gathering is a community led Maker’s Retreat, October 2015 at Hollyhock on Cortes Island. Learn more about our community gathering and how to register here.

We are building a safe space open to all makers no matter what stage they are at (even if you aren’t even sure you ARE a maker yet). Come with a willingness to participate and treat each other with kindness and respect. Find and offer mentorship, give and receive advice + support, promote and collaborate, talk out your questions or concerns, plan parties and gatherings on + offline. Your community is waiting! 

Why we love the OMHG community

I’ve experienced first hand the impact that is made- the ideas that are shared- the unspoken permission that is given to innovate, achieve, fail, and succeed. The Oh My! community is unlike any others; where entrepreneurs and creatives are working in collaboration opposed to competition. Relationships are fostered on a basis of not what I can get, but rather how can I give & support. The personal connections I’ve made here have helped me to grow & thrive not only as an entrepreneur, but as a mother, a community leader, and a social innovator. I’ve been gifted the unique opportunity to foster even deeper connections within the community offline- meeting, adventuring, and collaborating with more than 15 amazing woman. I’m forever grateful for real life experiences shared, vulnerability lived, and the unique flavor each woman (and man) bring into our creative space. ~Jenelle

I love it here, because you friends are like no others. I love these forums because they aren’t just about thinking, they are about Collaborating and Doing and Playing together. I love these forums because I can trust you all, I don’t feel nervous sharing WIPs or asking for help because there’s a general spirit of lovingkindness and genuine enthusiasm. I love these forums because I MISS YOU when I’m gone. ~Karen

I love this community because there’s nothing but mutual support, respect, friendships, encouragement, empowerment, and there’s nothing but good vibes all around! I love this community because all you lovely people make me feel appreciated, special, and empowered.  No matter what my mood is, I always leave this space with a better sense of self-worth, confidence, and ready to punch the day straight in the face! ~Citlalli

Forget Planet Fitness, THIS is the judgement free zone! Honestly, you all are the only people I know who I can share my thoughts, feelings, self doubts, and motivations with. I know you all appreciate what I’m going through, and understand it too. We’re all in it together, and we want each other to succeeed. We’re working with peers, but somehow the competition has left the relationship. Pure magic. ~Melissa

I love this community because I can leave my anxiety and nerves at the door. Even if I find someone here doing exactly what I’m doing, the first thought is always that we should work together to make something great and/or help each other succeed vs. feelings of jealousy or inadequacy. I read somewhere that jealousy is simply the knowledge that that person is doing the thing you know you can do, but aren’t. We are ALL “doing” so the only feeling is that we are all together and fabulous. I love this community because it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my business, confidence, creativity, and self. ~Sara

Why do I love the OMHG community? Wow, where to start? This community is packed full of talented, generous, inspiring people doing amazing courageous creative things on a daily basis. But what is truly extraordinary is that it never feels intimidating or scary – just the opposite in fact. Whatever you’re doing, whatever you are going through, whether it’s happy or sad, difficult or exciting (or all of those), there is always someone there to offer words of support, encouragement and advice and I always come away from time spent in the forums feeling better about pretty much everything, not just my work! ~Sam

I feel I’ve barely grazed the tip of the community so far, but the words that are ringing truest for me are trust, play, encouragement, inspiration and joy. That’s what we have right here – for a small monthly investment, we can create our very own ‘room of requirement’. ~Pippa