We want to share your goodness! Since 2010 OMHG has been dedicated to sharing the stories and knowledge of makers + entrepreneurs freely and openly while creating a supportive, friendly community.  OMHG is known for our original content, insightful and honest posts, positive outlook, and for our thoughtful approach to building a creative business while living a creative life. We explore creative entrepreneurship from all angles and are a welcoming, supportive place no matter where you might be at on your business journey. While we have “Handmade” in our business name we are oh so much more! Our world of handmade goodness has room for those who make with paint, code, pixels, words, code, photographs, along with those who support creative entrepreneurs with marketing, resources, services and supplies. So if you are a maker or creative entrepreneur chances are you have something valuable to share from us while gaining confidence in connecting online!

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Every month on OMHG we explore a new monthly theme, learn skills, share experiences, and make new friends. This is our place to connect directly with other creative folk by contributing to building a supportive community and exploring the world of businessy goodness together. Here everyone is an expert but no one is the expert-what a difference that makes!

  • We are looking for well written, not overly promotional posts with high quality images or graphics.
  • Get to know our community and editor Jessika Hepburnjoin an #OMHG chat,  meet the contributors, check out our themes, read through our archives, or become a member of our forums-the best ever submissions are the ones that come from our community because you know us better than anyone! If you’ve been hanging around here you have something amazing to share.
  • All submissions should be sent via the form at the bottom of this page
  • Include a  40-50 word bio, a 200×200 headshot or button, and links to your sites/social media pages
  • Please be patient! If you are not an OMHG member it may take up to 3 weeks to hear back if your submission or pitch is accepted and find out your publication date. Your contribution is valued and will be reviewed as soon as possible.

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April: Shoots & Roots  In 2013 our Shoots & Roots theme was filled with beautiful parables for how business and gardening relate. Spend a month focusing on building mindful businesses that nurture us and the world.

Post suggestions: 

  •  Explore the relationship between your business and nature from making earth friendly business choices to deciding on small and intentional growth.
  • Posts on how you nurture your business & self
  • Features or interviews with inspirational business owners
  • Sources & reviews of earth friendly materials
  • Showcases of entrepreneurs who are focused on natural products or services.
  • Tutorials for fun projects like seed bombs or creative reuse would be awesome!

May: Organization 101 

It’s spring cleaning time! Dust off your planners and bust out the brooms we’re straightening everything up. From optimizing our websites and maintaining our blogs to keeping our freezers stocked and our to-do lists tidy, we’ll share ideas and inspiration for organizing our lives and work.

Post suggestions:

  • Show us how you organize and keep your business running smoothly
  • Share tutorials or printables for staying on top of our busy lives
  • Interview a professional organizer for their tips
  • Take us on a tour of your workspace
  • Round up a list of applications or resources to keep us on track
  • Share a before/after of a workspace or organization makeover

June-July: Camp OMHG 

Pack up your bags campers, it is time for our second ever Camp OMHG! Two months of adventure and exploration followed by a nice long August break.

Post ideas: Have fun with this theme by playing at being a crafty camp leader.

  • Camp fire tales of times you sought adventure, travel, the unknown. Tell us where/when you have been challenged or headed into the wilderness.
  • Camp craft activities & tutorials
  • Create merit badges for creatives
  • Leadership and business survival tips
  • Summer reading book lists
  • Lessons & assignments on business mapping, orienteering, creative adventuring.
  • Leadership skills-empower our community to step up as leaders, supporting causes/communities, teaching & public speaking.
  • Profiles/interviews/case studies of creative adventurers & trailblazers.

August: August Break  Time to slow down before September and rest up for the month of August.

Post ideas: Submit one photo and a paragraph of how you wind down and recharge-a quiet book and tea? Glass of wine and a bubble bath? Gathering with friends? An adventure somewhere exotic? Dinner with family? Snap a photo during June & July that shares a moment of rest, caption it and submit then kick up your feet and relax while we share our blissful moments of total rest. You can also share a post of a tutorial, recipe, or exercise that always helps you feel refreshed.

September: Oh My! University We’re revisiting our 2012 September theme to get back to business after our August break.

October: For The Makers This month is all about the makers as we head to Cortes Island, BC for our first Maker’s Retreat! We’re bringing everyone with us and sharing a month of posts on running a handmade business, living a creative life and our thoughts and ideas for shaping  the future of the maker movement.

November-January 2014: TBA

illustrationOh My! Topics

We are always looking for contributions on the following topics (click for some example posts) or feel free to submit your own!

*Brand New is a new series featuring freshly launched new brands or rebranding. Designers inspire us with your new work, biz owners show off your brand new brand!

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Build credibility and connect with our community by sharing your knowledge and experience with a 4-12 article series on topics related to creative life and entrepreneurship.

Share your knowledge with a series of essay or how-to skill sharing posts. For example you could teach us how to set up small business books or take better product photos.

Your series pitch or submission should:

  • Be related to creative entrepreneurship or demonstrate a creative technique or skill.
  • Include either a clear pitch outlining your series and what you intend to cover in each instalment or have the full content for all your posts.
  • How-to series should include well-written and easy to follow text instructions as well as either high quality images or video.
  • If submitting a pitch please include at least one high quality image or graphic sized at 600px wide to show the style and type of graphics you will be using.


Well written: We focus on submissions that are clear, heartfelt, and free from excessive grammar or spelling errors. If English is not your first language and/or you need support telling your story please let us know in the notes to the editor section of the form, tell us what you are struggling with, and we’ll always help you out.

Non-promotional: If you want to share your work as a creative we couldn’t be more excited but we will not publish submissions where the main goal is selling. Use your OMHG submission for storytelling and sharing great content – the connections you make will lead to new customers! For example-show us a tour of your studio, teach a skill, tell us about your process or a challenge you faced, invite us to join a new adventure-just don’t submit posts all about why we should buy your newest product now.

High quality images: These are a must for OMHG! Your images should be in focus, well lit, and be either owned by you or shared with the consent of the creator. Graphics should be clean, bright and use complementary fonts. All images should be sized at a minimum of 580 pixels wide. If designing images is not your strong suit you can ask for help with this when you send your submission in the notes to the editor section of the form.

  • Please use this form to submit your post and images to OMHG but read the guidelines above carefully first!

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