OMHG is a cooperative community uniting the head, heart and hands of the maker movement. Since 2010 we have published over 1200 posts sharing the stories, skills and work of makers and entrepreneurs. Here everyone is an expert but no one is the expert-what a difference that has made! We explore making a life of meaning from all angles and are a welcoming place no matter where you might be at on your creative journey. From celebrations of awesomeness to living an ethical life, our diverse perspectives keeps things lovely & lively. We welcome thoughtfully crafted submissions, updates on community news & creative collaborations, or posts for the head, heart & hands at any time. These three things, or thinking, being, doing, are what make OMHG special and are the foundation of our community.

For the Headillustration

Make us think. Stretch our minds with new ideas & possibilities, teach what you know, ask important questions, start a conversation, launch collaborations (or revolutions), educate us about what matters to you. For the Head archive

illustrationFor the Heart

Make us feel. Open our hearts to diverse perspectives, share stories of joy/loss/triumph/struggle, inspire us with creative goodness, encourage us to be compassionate and full of wonder. For the Heart archive

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Make us do. Challenge us to cultivate creativity, learn new skills, treasure craft, tackle crazy projects, build thriving businesses, work together, plant our gardens, grow communities, show up and make a positive difference. For the Hands archive

illustrationEditorial Calendar

OMHG is primarily volunteer run and our publishing schedule depends on the availability of editor and community organizer Jessika Hepburn. Submissions will be published in the order they are received, please allow 4-6+ weeks for review but feel free to follow up with an email if you are eager to hear back.


Thoughtful: We focus on submissions that are clear, heartfelt, and free from excessive grammar or spelling errors. If English is not your first language or you need support telling your story please let us know what you are struggling with and we’ll always help you out.

Content: Avoid “should’s”, judgements, generalizations, sensational headlines + formulaic posts. Talk to our heads, hearts & hands not our fears or insecurities. For example: posts on The Top 10 Ways To Be Happy/Smart/Successful isn’t what we are looking for, this is.

Promotion: OMHG does not publish promotional content unless it is for our sponsors or accept affiliate links in posts. Use your submissions for storytelling and sharing great content! Show us a studio tour, teach a skill, tell us about what matters most to you, invite us to join a new adventure-just don’t submit posts all about why we should buy your newest product. You are welcome to add a sentence or two to your bio about your latest project or products.

Images: Images should be in focus, well lit, and either owned by you, shared with the written consent of the creator, or from a high quality resource like Stocksy. Graphics should be clean, bright and use complementary fonts. All images should be sized at a minimum of 800 pixels wide. Always include credit & a link back to the source, don’t submit images sourced from sites like Pinterest or Tumblr. Email if you need help creating post graphics, we’re happy to support!