Life Verse Design: Packaging

by Julie Chen of Life Verse Design

Life Verse Design sells inspirational art for the home in 3 formats: prints, framed prints, and stationary. In packaging the items, one thing remains the same, and that’s my handwritten thank you note on the back of one of my business cards to ensure that the customer knows how much I appreciate their business, as well as a nifty reminder of my store information.

I periodically also include a free postcard with another piece of my art (different from the design they have already purchased). I also sometimes offer free prints or goodies based on how many items they have purchased (ie: buy 2 8×10 prints and receive a free 4×6).

Here is a look at my packaging presentation:

For one or two prints, I ship them in a Uline stay flat mailer. Each print is individually packaged in a cellophane bag that seals with a backing board to provide support so that no art will crease. I buy my backing boards and bags from GoldenStateArt. I slip my free postcard and business card thank you note into the backside of the print, within the cellophane sleeve.

For 3-5 prints purchased at one time, I ship the items in a multidepth Uline box, still packaging each individual print in it’s cellophane sleeve. I put the business card note and postcard on top this time, so that the customer sees them as soon as they open the package.

For framed art, I first wrap each framed print in Uline kraft paper and tie the package with raffia to make a bow. I slip my business card thank you and free postcard under the raffia bow to look like a gift.

I then wrap the entire package in bubble wrap and then place it in a Uline box or into a box I have recycled (which is my first choice: reuse when you can!)

For stationary, whether the customer is buying postcards or notecards, I always wrap the set in Uline kraft paper and tie the package with a raffia bow. I then slip my business card thank you and free postcard under the bow. I mail the stationary order in a Uline bubble mailer.

For all of my packages, I handwrite the address on the outer packaging and place a return address label which I get from Vistaprint. (OH, I also get my business cards printed through Vistaprint.)

And, that is how I package and ship my products! I highly recommend buying supplies in bulk from Uline. Though it may seem like a lot of money up front, it is well worth the long term savings.


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