Small Business Tips: Teaming Up & Working Together

pixie chicago, diaper cake & stationery, perfect baby shower gift

by Cassandra Rippberger of Pixie Chicago

Watching sarah + abraham & olliegraphic team up and create a line of products that are cohesive and still staying true to their individual brands really inspired me to do the same.  I wanted to find someone that had a product that could compliment mine and vice versa.  Over time, I found a wonderful company called Chic Mama Diaper Cakes; her diaper cakes are beautiful, custom made, and truly unique.
I contacted her to see if she would want to partner with me on creating The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Set. She was on board and we got started right away with 5 bestseller cakes and matching stationery sets.

pixie chicago, diaper cake & stationery, perfect baby shower gift
I asked Adriana to comment on our partnership; “I am very excited to be working with Pixie Chicago on our new collaboration.  We are offering the ultimate Baby Shower Gift set which will include a custom designed diaper cake with matching invitations, thank you cards and stationary.  What makes this set so special is that they are one of a kind!  Chic Mama and Pixie Chicago share a common goal…providing a one stop shop for our customers.  We currently have 5 top selling sets but can custom design a diaper cake and matching stationary to match a new nursery or maybe even a parent’s hobby…the possibilities are unlimited!  By working together, Chic Mama and Pixie Chicago hope to expand our customer base and help each other’s business grow.  There’s nothing like women entrepreneurs supporting each other and working together towards a shared goal!”

pixie chicago, diaper cake & stationery, perfect baby shower gift
If you are looking to partner with another brand, be sure you both share the same goals for your businesses. Once you have established how to work together, don’t stop there, use them as a resource, there is a lot to learn from one another. Adriana and I have had such a great experience working together, I am so fortunate to have found someone with the same personality as Pixie Chicago.

pixie chicago, diaper cake & stationery, perfect baby shower gift


  1. What a neat post, Cassandra.

    Number one on your list should be the products offered by the partner – their products should compliment yours (just like yours do with Chic Mama).

    Wouldn’t work quite so well if you teamed up with a company producing crackers ;o)

    Think what your customer buys in addition to your product.

    Great post – any tips on how you approach a potential partner business?

    Thanks, Lucy

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  2. Sarah says:

    This is a great post. It is always interesting to hear about the unique relationships that people can build together over the internet and the creative opportunities they present!

  3. Lucy-just like you said, the products should compliment yours & so should their business. We are both smaller businesses aspiring to grow more, versus me contacting a company like hallmark because I know they wouldn’t give me the time of day. Adriana and I can grow together while hallmark would just have to carry me, so they would never have any interest in working with me.
    As for how to approach another company; I was lucky enough to find the chic mama on twitter & befriend her first. Then I typed up a proposal along with some images of stationery I created matching one of her cakes. The samples were a very important part, it showed I was serious about working together & portrayed an example of the work we could create together.
    From there we sent each other our own products to check quality and the rest is history!

  4. Leah says:

    Thats pretty interesting and seems like the logical thing to do to grow that business. Since when your throwing the shower, you need to get the diaper cake, invites and favors. It also make the shower theme flow alittle bit better as well.

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