The Sketchbook Project 2011

art house coop, the sketchbook project 2011

by Jessika Hepburn, O Happy Day Handmade

I found out about the Art House Co-op last year and vowed to participate in The Sketchbook Project for the following year, which I of course quickly forgot all about until I stumbled across it again last month. This year I ordered my sketchbook right away and it came in the mail this week. Am I the only one who is both inspired and intimidated by all the blank pages in a new book? It usually takes me awhile to get up the nerve to put my pen to the paper! This time there is a deadline though-by January 15th I need to have my book on it’s way to New York.

art house co-op, the sketchbook project 2011

The Sketchbook Project is an innovative international art project put on by Art House Co-op. Here’s how it works: you pay $25 and choose a theme from their list or live dangerously and have them choose a theme for you (I chose …you’d be home by now). In exchange they send you a Moleskine notebook with a barcode, an “official” library card and the chance to have your book displayed along with the others in art galleries across the US. After the tour the books become part of the permanent collection at The Brooklyn Art Library and can be viewed by anyone! The bar code on the back of each book gets scanned every time someone views it and you will be able to track your book online and see how many times it was viewed and where. This is potentially a great marketing tool since there is a pocket at the front of each sketchbook to put your bio and contact information.

There are some amazing examples of last year’s submissions, and current books in progress, on the Art House Co-op website, as well as some simply inspiring art. I encourage everyone to order your sketchbook and pick up your pens, but you have to hurry-the deadline for ordering the books is October 31st!

the sketchbook project 2011, visual a day, modern illustration

Art House Co-op profile: linateeko

Website: Visual A Day

Sketchbook Theme: In 5 minutes…

the sketchbook project 2011, Alina Chau

Art House Co-op profile: Alinac


Sketchbook Theme: Dirigibles and Submersibles

the sketchbook project 2011, art house co-op

Art House Co-op profile: ecdesign


Sketchbook Theme: A Day in the Life

the sketch book project 2010, rachael anilyse

Art House Co-op profile: rachealanilyse


Sketchbook Theme: The Sketchbook Project Volume 4

the sketchbook project, kate castelli

Art House Co-op profile: katecastelli


Sketchbook Theme: The Sketchbook Project 3

I hope now you are feeling inspired to participate. If you are also taking part in The Sketchbook Project be sure to send me links to your pages for sharing in another post in January.

Happy sketching!


  1. Liz says:

    So glad you are taking part in the Sketchbook Project! It was a bit daunting getting started and I still have trouble dealing with the next blank page. So you are not alone! Thanks so much for featuring my pages. =)

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