Handmade Parties: Tea Party Time

by Catherine Young of bumpkin.etsy.com

Do you remember sunny days playing tea parties out on the lawn, a summer breeze, whilst pouring pretend tea to your Teddy Bears?  Bring back this magic for the whole family with these delightful Tea Party themed finds.

1. Whimsical Friends for Tea range of Prints, Party Invitations, Cards, Gift Tags, Buttons & Magnets from Bumpkin www.bumpkin.etsy.com Even Bunnies are welcome to Tea Parties, just watch out they don’t eat all the Cupcakes!

2. Have your very own monogrammed felt tea set from Oh Nelly

3.Who could resist these chocolate & strawberry felt goodies from The Fakery Bakery?

4. Feeling creative?  Look no further than this adorable pdf embroidery pattern of Hedgehog in a Teacup from Follow The White Bunny

5. Charming Alice in Wonderland labels for your real cupcakes from pinkcherrymama

6.Decorate your garden for a Tea Party with this Personalised British Cream Tea Bunting from Little Kitten Homemade

7.Dress up your little ones in their Tea Party Best with hand painted Vintage Tea Party Shoes from Erasistible

8. Pinafore dress from the ever adorable Belle and Boo

Catherine Young brings to life the enchanting world of Bumpkin Bears & Friends through her Illustrations and Collectors Bears.  Their adventures are portrayed in Wall Art and Paper Goods designed in a gentle nostalgic style for the Child in all of us.



  1. I do completely remember those happy days (think I may have been guilty of force-feeding my teddies with my play-dough cookies though… eugh!). My poor auntie even ate one for real to humour me once. Bless her.

    Your selection of goodies is just beautiful – takes me back – thank you! :o) Think it’s time for a tea & scone party at my house…. L xox

  2. What a lovely collection of things Catherine! And some great brand names in there too – I am (naturally) fond of all things rabbit so Follow The White Bunny is great, and there is something really appealing about the Fakery Bakery as a name. Cool!


  3. vicki says:

    Catherine – this is just a precious posting about tea parties. Your creations of course are the shining star – but you have chosen some wonderful complimentary companions! You are the queen of tea parties my friend, and your designs are the very best!


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