Choosing Color Palettes for your Workspace

by Renae of Red Parentheses

Choosing colors for your workspace is probably the most important decision you’ll make in the design process. If chosen properly you will feel like you are the best you whenever you walk into your office. Here are some tips to choosing the best color palette for you.

1. Think about your personality. Would you rather walk into a spa or would you rather walk into a luxurious hotel. Do you want to vacation in Tuscany or the Virgin Islands? Simple questions like these will clue you into the type of color palette you should use for your workspace.

When I first thought about questions like these I thought — but I love Tuscany and the Virgin Islands. I don’t want to choose between them! As hard as it is to choose though, you can’t vacation in both places at once. Take your time and pick one that you will enjoy for a few years. You will want to change it again a few years down the road to keep it fresh. So vacation in Tuscany now and the Virgin Islands in a few years, or vice versa.

Tuscany Color Palette

A Calming Color Palette photo courtesy Centsational Girl

2. Decide between warm and cool tones. After deciding on the feel that you want for your space, you need to decide whether you want a warm or cool color palette. Each color has a warm and cool counterpart.

Most folks consider green a cool color, but a warm green palette is quite popular among professional designers. Cool greys are also quite popular and they don’t have to be boring. Just add a pop of color as an accent and then the greys become relaxing instead of boring.

Warm Green Color Palette

Cool Grey Color Palette

3. Are you a neutral? It took me years and years to realize that some of my favorite colors are neutral beiges, sands and tea colors. After all, when asked, who says beige is their favorite color? No one! But now I say it loud and proud. I love beige! It’s such an important color and makes everything creamy, warm and inviting. There is a reason why it is used over and over again in design. It’s one of the most popular neutrals and has stood the test of time.

Warm Neutral Color Palette photo courtesy HGTV

4. What kind of vintage are you? Vintage colors can look fantastic if used with modern designs. Take modern furniture, add a vintage color and you have something quite unique and tasteful.

You can also add a pop of color within a vintage color palette, then your design will have a totally different feel.

Classic Vintage Color Palette

Classic Vintage with a Pop of Color

Dark Vintage Color Palette photo courtesy HGTV

Bold Vintage Color Palette

5. Your own unique color palette. After you have quizzed yourself and looked at colors until your eyes hurt, experiment and decide what you love best. You don’t have to choose a color palette that fits any of the above categories. It took me a couple years to decide what color palette I wanted for my own blog and I know in a few years, my tastes will probably change again. But that is OK. That’s what makes colors great. There is a unique color palette for everybody. The hard part is figuring out what your own personal tastes are.‘s Color Palette


Renae earned her Bachelors degree at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She has three little girls and runs a Stationery business full time and is OMHG’s newest monthly contributor. Check out her blog at


  1. Doggist says:

    This is perfect for your home, let alone just a work space!
    I find I need different colours here on the East Coast than I did in Ontario- the amount of light and quality of it is different, so I need warmer colours now.
    It’s great advice on feeling able to have your own unique palette as well!

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