Handmade Home Decor: Pillows

by Holly Mathis of Holly Mathis Interiors

This time of year we all get the itch to change things up around our home. Of course there is no simpler way than to add fresh pillows. I’m in love with these number ones from Heidi Devlin’s Etsy shop. She is so nice and also does symbols, family names and a feed sack look.

And what says spring more than a nest?? I am so in love with blue lately! I haven’t been this in to the color blue since my ca. 1981 Holly Hobbie bedspread!

Many of us are loving this feed sack trend… linen, european, ruralist… not really that trendy… just good country classics with a fresh twist. I love them all!

Are these too cottagey or vintage for you? Then check Plum Cushions for a sliver of that expensive designer fabric many of us lust after. Maybe an entire piece of furniture covered in Trellis or Chiang Maie Dragon is not in your budget, but these pillows are a tad more feasible.

What are your favorite shops for cushions and pillows on the web? Please leave a comment to let us know!


  1. Holly says:

    I totally had the Holly Hobbie bedspread too. In 1981. It was yellow and had a matching canopy for my canopy bed! Loved, loved, loved it.

    Now I’m loving your pillow selections. I’m off to shop at the stores you mentioned.

  2. LLH Designs says:

    Love your pillow post, Holly! Petit Coterie on Etsy is my recent favorite pillow purchase. Michelle is a joy to work with, and I love the little saint charm she attaches to her creations. A fun detail!

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