Levi and Norah's Nursery

by Sara Tams of sarah + abraham

I recently came across this beautiful nursery on Facebook when I noticed that my friend, Summer Knobloch, had commented on one of the photos. I contacted Callie Branch, the talented crafty mom behind the photos to ask if I could share them with our readers.

I love the colors and of course all of the vintage and handmade touches! I asked Callie to tell me a little bit about the room and share links to any of the handmade items that can be purchased online. Here’s what she told me…

“We had all of the furniture, we just needed another crib. Luckily, a friend who’s daughter was moving into her ‘big girl bed’, had the exact same crib – so they actually match… a nice bonus!

I couldn’t find bedding that I loved that would work for both a boy and a girl, or if I did, it would have cost close to $1,000 for two sets – not an option with all the formula and diapers in our future (we also have  a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old). So I decided I’d just make quilts and banners in fabrics that make he happy – robin’s egg blue, red, and brown, with some yellow and green thrown in. I also made the changing pad cover.

We removed the closet door for easy access to the clothes, and I sewed pom-poms on the edge of the curtains.

The hankie belonged to my grandma – she collected them. I painted the frame red and strung wire across the back to pin the hankie onto. I love having a piece her her in the babies room.”


8×10 I am a Child of God print (on the top shelf in the middle picture in the bottom row), $24 at Persimmon & Pink.

Whimsical birdcage vinyl wall decal, $23 at Wei-Wei’s Babies.

The “doll face” plate on the dresser in the top left photo and the “silly goose” plate in the middle photo are available online for $8.50 each at Jane Jenni Shop.


  1. Isa Maria says:

    I’ve just found out I’m having a girl and she will be sharing her room with her big brother who is almost two. I love this colour and all the handmade touches!

  2. Callie says:

    This is so wild to see their nursery on your website! Thanks so much for posting it! And all the comments are so sweet – thank you!

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