Handmade Finds: Mother's Day Gifts

by Sara Tams of sarah + abraham

I started thinking about putting together a handmade Mother’s Day gift guide and was feeling a little overwhelmed wondering where to start. But then I realized that I didn’t need to look any further than the OMHG contributors page for all kinds of great ideas…

1. Mama Calling Cards, $40 at Emily Ley Paper

2. Belle & Boo’s Lovely Day Tote Bag, £18 at Belle & Boo

3. Personalized Stationery Set, $25 at Silhouette Blue

4. Personalized Canvas Wall Art, $95 – 125 at Name Your Design

5. “A Note From Mom” notepads, $21.50 at sarah + abraham

6. Custom Printable Stationery, $18 at olliegraphic

7. Initial Folio Set, $36 at Inkspot Workshop

8. Envirosax™, $8 at Stubby Pencil Studio

9. Custom Painted Silhouette on Canvas, $39 at Handmade by Heather

10. Beautiful Mess Towel, $11 at Little Bit Funky

11. Mother’s Love Inspirational Art Print, $18 at Life Verse Design

12. Mother’s Love Print, $22 at Bumpkin Bears & Friends

13. hand-embroidered hand prints, $48 at tiny sprouts

14. Blue Damask Monogram Platter, $39.95 at Little Cupcakes Co.

15. Family Trio Personalized Silver Necklace, $58 at honeybunch

What are your favorite handmade Mother’s Day gifts to give and/or receive?


  1. reza says:

    Is Envirosax handmade? I know they’re distributed everywhere in the world, including in many shops in Malaysia, so I’d never thought they were artisan/crafter/designer-created. It is a lovely bag, though. And the rest of the items featured are wonderful 🙂

  2. sara says:

    Oh, you’re right, I hadn’t though about the Envirosax not being handmade, but they probably aren’t… I just thought they would be a nice little gift, and Stubby Pencil Studio is an independent shop.

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