Handmade Finds: Pedal Power

by Jessika Hepburn, O Happy Day Handmade

This post is to celebrate my friend Megan Rose’s completion of her cross-Canada cycling adventure. She biked from Denman Island, British Columbia all the way across our massive country to finish her trip here in Halifax, Nova Scotia-over 6,000 kilometers later! She biked a fair bit of the way by herself and I for one am hugely proud of her. People do the trip every year, but not MY people, so I wanted to acknowledge her total amazingness with some of the handmade bicycle finds available on Etsy.

1.From Paris, home of the public bike system Velibe, comes this beautiful bicycle themed bag made by Ikabags.

2.This sunny yellow kids shirt from WrenWillow has a silk screened BMX print-perfect for a cyclist in training!

3. I love these little bicycle notebooks from Halifax’s very own,  MyHandboundBooks

4.Bring the love of biking into the nursery or bedroom with a sweet print of a bird on a bicycle from barkingbirdart

5. Reduce, reuse, recycle and make your house beautiful with a clock made from a recycled bike wheel from pixelthis

6. Bring the outside in with a bicycle wall decal sticker made by JMcreation

7. These Keep Moving coasters made by AngelEllie are a great way to remember to always keep moving forward!

8. Embrace silliness with this whimsical t-shirt from darkcycle clothing available in a number of sizes and colours.

Happy Cycling!

Read more about Megan’s adventures on her cycling blog or listen to her music (and a song about bicycles, of course) here.


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