Handmade Finds: Let's Get Personal

by Marla Smith of Keeping up with Stella

Personalized Hair Clips from Details
Personalized Hair Clips from Details

Growing up with a name like Marla in the early 80s was quite a challenge. Personalized items started to make an appearance in elementary schools… all these adorable barrettes, dresses, stationary, stickers, etc. But unless you were a Melissa, Jenny, Kelly, or Amy (basically, any name in the top 25 from the 70s), you were not going to get anything with your name on it. I was so jealous.

My mom knew how much this upset me, and she got creative a few times. She purchased a few ‘MARIA’ items and changed the I into an L – such a clever lady! While the gesture was great, it still wasn’t the same. I wanted those barrettes with my name painted on it.

These days with boutique shops and websites like Etsy, little girls like my daughter, Stella, and my nieces, Lydia, Rosie and Tessa, whose names are not unusual but definitely not in the top 50 can still get any personalized with the click of a mouse. Here are some of my absolute favorites.

1. Ruffle Bloomers, $22 at So Cute & Cozy

2. Initial is for child’s name 8×10 print, $16 at Nuevo Designs

3. Personalized cloth alphabet name book, $54 at Drawn to Letters

4. Quilted Turtle Backpack, $31.50 at So Cute & Cozy

5. Personalized Water Bottle, $24 at sarah + abraham

6. Custom Stool, $89 at Warm Biscuit Bedding Co.

7. Personalized All Star Shoes, $89.99 at Jewelry and Baby Bling By Dara

8. Name Painting on Canvas, $55 at Just Bunch Painting


  1. Bron says:

    Those ruffled bloomers are so sweet. Dig the personalised drink bottles too. There were not a lot of ‘Bron’ items in the 80s either 🙂

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