meet our newest contributor: modern handmade child + a crafty tutorial

Oh My! Handmade would like to welcome Modern Handmade Child as a monthly contributor to our site. Stay tuned for more great articles and tutorials in the coming months.

Meet Modern Handmade Child Magazine
Modern Handmade Child magazine (MHC) is a free online resource for families already living or looking to adopt a handmade lifestyle.  MHC is full of fun and inspiring ideas and articles. Each issue includes handmade fashion and home decorating trends for kids, as well as tutorials and recipes, articles on motherhood, and much more. Readers benefit from well-presented exposés focused on the various ways handmade living can be embraced by the families of today.  Additionally, Modern Handmade Child invites its readers to become actively involved in the magazine itself through submission of articles and photos, craft creations and personal experiences.  Launched in August 2009, Modern Handmade Child’s 100% female staff currently works entirely on a volunteer basis.  Its editors, contributors, and staff come together from around the world, including Europe, Australia, and many parts of the United States. Despite the miles between them, they’re bound by a passion for sharing their love of handmade with the world.  It is this dedication to the handmade way of life that makes Modern Handmade Child the quality publication that it is.  Find out more about MHC’s editors, contributors, and staff here.

History of MHC

In early Spring of 2009, after seeing a digital publication produced by a friend of hers in the UK, Gretchen Jakub Fabre, owner of Chichiboulie, started to think of how something similar could be created for the world of handmade for kids.  Having held the position of editor for a small publication in the UK, Gretchen had a bit of experience and decided to approach her friend Shannon Hanley, owner of The Clever Kitty, with the idea of creating an online magazine. Founder and team leader for the Etsy Kids Team, Shannon Hanley had many connections with creative individuals all over the world. Together they brainstormed the magazine, tapped into the wealth of ideas and knowledge of the multi-talented Etsy Kids Team members and Modern Handmade Child magazine was born. Modern Handmade Child’s fall issue is currently available online at

Hodgepodge Bracelets

by Modern Handmade Child

Create Hodgepodge Bracelets with leftover material from other crafting projects. Kids and teens can make, swap, and keep these cute and stretchy accessories.

Elastic scraps
Fabric scraps
Ribbon scraps
Assorted buttons
Needle and thread
Permanent glue (such as Fabri-Tac)


1.  Measure around the child’s wrist with a piece of leftover elastic. Using a pencil, mark the elastic where the bracelet fits comfortably. Trim the elastic if needed.

2.  Sew the ends of the elastic together using needle and thread. If several children participate in the craft, you can sew the elastic prior to the activity.

3.  The bracelet is ready to decorate! Teens may sew buttons, jewels, and fabric scraps independently. Younger children may dab Fabri-Tac glue (with adult supervision) to attach embellishments.

Extra Tips:

· Create simple bows with small squares of fabric. Scrunch the square in the middle and tie with thread. Then attach to bracelet.
· Create fabric streamers by cutting thin strips of fabric or ribbon for children. Place a dot of glue in the center of the strip and attach to bracelet.
· Create flowers by layering fabric circles (as seen on author’s bracelet). Add a small felt circle on top and attach to bracelet.
· You may also purchase pre-cut felt or foam shapes (animals, letters, etc.) for younger children.
· You may sew a child’s embellishments for extra security after he or she decorates it.


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