etsy trends: anchors away!

etsy trends, anchors, nautical theme, sailorsby Jessika Hepburn, O Happy Day Handmade

Anchors, ships wheels, seashells and sailors are all over Etsy-it seemed like this summer and early fall the only things that were ever on the front page had something to do with the sea. Everywhere you look new items are popping up, featuring sea creatures and mermaids, navy stripes and rope knots-the maritime thing is making a splash, I even found a nautical themed chicken coop!

Here is a selection of handmade Etsy finds showcasing the trend in everything from paper to plush:

etsy trends, anchors, nautical theme, sailor suits, maritime

1. The French Sailor Man by mck54 is so over the top fantastic-who wouldn’t want to sail away with him?

2. RoyalKane has a whole line of silk-screened pillowcases featuring classic maritime images like this anchor.

3.This sweet nautical felt bunting banner from TaffieWishes would be great for a sailor themed baby shower or nursery decoration.

4. The Anchors n’ Lace Nautical Messenger bag is made by OMHG’s monthly contributor Jacqui Miyabayashi of Mee A Bee!

5. I think it is hilarious that this listing actually has “expensive” in the title-and it is! But this toddler sailor suit from living with art was way too cute not to include.

6. I have two girls but I have heard many boy mama’s complain about the lack of underwear out there for boys that isn’t covered with cartoon branding, small threads came up with Small Skivvies underwear as a smart and stylish solution.

etsy trends, nautical theme

7.  I love just about every piece of jewelery Joanna Rutter has ever made-including this anchor necklace.

8. There is a whimsical nostalgia about these little art pieces titled Happy We’ll be Beyond The Sea by thepeppermintforest

9. Need a Halloween costume idea? I couldn’t pull off this Sailor dress costume from lirska217 but maybe you could.

10. A Nautical themed wedding? Why knot? These playful wedding invites from anaviink are cute enough to make up for my tacky pun!

11.Anchor cupcake toppers from TheBirdHouse make even simple cupcakes into maritime treat.

12. The nautical theme is all over letterpress, this selection of notecards by DailySlip is the perfect example

13.  And finally wrap up all your saiing goodies and finish off the package with some twine and a gift tag from seasonaldelights

As you can see anchors are everywhere! What is your favorite nautical themed item, do you make anything yourself?


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