Giveaway: Informational Website Designed by Lizzie Sorensen

by Sara Tams of sarah + abraham

informational website by Lizzie Sorensen

informational websites by Lizzie Sorensen

For our next giveaway Lizzie Sorensen of Lizzie Sorensen Brand Management will be offering a three-page “Best Face Forward” website to a well deserving indie designer (a $250 value; doesn’t including hosting fees). A few examples of websites designed by Lizzie are pictured above.

Lizzie will create a simple, clean website to tell the world who you are, what you do, and help you look very put together all at the same time… perfect for Etsy sellers!


To qualify for this giveaway, the candidate must be a newly formed brand/company established within the last year and must not already have a website. Candidates must sell products through Etsy or Big Cartel and already have high quality product photographs.

To enter leave a comment letting us know why you desperately need to put your Best Face Forward.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a time limit on this project – the winner must be prepared to complete the project with Lizzie within one week of being awarded the prize.

This giveaway will close at 12pm CST on Sunday, May 16th. One winner will be chosen by Lizzie from all of the comments. The winner will be announced and contacted by Lizzie on Monday, May 17th.

By entering this giveaway, you agree to the Oh My! Handmade Goodness giveaway policies.

For our next giveaway Lizzie Sorenson of Lizzie Sorenson Brand
Management will be offering a three-page "Best Face Forward" site to a
well deserving indie designer to one lucky winner (a $250 value; doesn't
including hosting fees).

{Insert more details here including exactly what's included and the
criteria for how you'll select a winner.}

To enter, leave a comment letting us know {...}.

This giveaway will close at 12pm CST on Sunday, May 16th. One winner
will be chosen by Lizzie from all of the comments. The winner will not
be notified by email, so be sure to check back to find out if you've
won. The winner will be announced on Monday, May 17th. The prize must be
claimed within one week of the announcement.

By entering this giveaway, you agree to the Oh My! Handmade Goodness
giveaway policies.


  1. Beautiful work and I am SO excited for this giveaway. I launched my little business nearly a year ago – June 1st of 2009. I solely sell on etsy and would love to put my “best face forward.” While my sales have been good, a website is not in the budget for me right now and this would be perfect. I noticed recently when I had a good deal of press that my customers – who were unfamiliar with etsy – had a little difficulty navigating through my etsy pages. I wondered how many sales I missed because of this problem. This would be perfect for me. Thanks for offering it. I know I will be one of many to enter!

  2. Oooh what a rockstar giveaway! I love Lizzie’s vibe and style and would love to collaborate with her for a website. I am nearing my first year anniversary since I started really selling on etsy in end-May ’09 so I JUST made the cutting point. I am really struggling with finding the time and arriving on a good direction with a website. I enjoy the ease of selling on etsy but would like somewhere that I can send people to that allows for more control of the layout and look, also to have a more substantial “about the brand” and the ability to categorize and summarize offerings beyond 10 sections (etsy’s cap on sections).

    Thanks for the giveaway! Oh My Handmade has some of the best giveaways around!

  3. Melissa says:

    I actually just went to this site to look for blog and/or website ideas! I bought the domain to my shop in the beginning of the year, and right now it re-directs to my etsy site. I have a blog, with one of those free templates, and it needs desperate work. If I had a website, that just had a link to my blog and etsy site and more about me and the products that I am creating, I think I would feel so much more organized! I have a logo and design elements in my head, just need someone to run with it! I’ll make you a dress! 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Josee says:

    I really feel like I need a website. I have tried and tried to customize the free websites you can get online but I am never satisfied with the results I have opened an etsy shop recently but I have not made any sales. I usually sell at craft fairs and do quite well at those. I think I just need more online exposure and I strongly believe that I well design website would help tremendously.

  5. Awesome giveaway! Full disclosure: I am currently working with a web designer on a website for olliegraphic printables (launching later this summer). However, in addition to my printables business, I do graphic design work for businesses/individuals (logos, printed materials, special illustration requests). I would love a separate informational portfolio-type website to advertise this work.

  6. debbie says:

    oh goodness.. pick me please! i am just getting my little business up and running and currently sell my products through word of mouth and my blog… i do have an etsy seller’s account established, but with no products listed yet (boo hoo) because i have 2 very, very active kids! i do you have high quality photos ready, products, samples, and packaging to go… winning this website will give me that extra energy and boost!! help me put my best face forward!!

  7. Melissa says:

    oh what a GREAT giveaway! i just moved my shop from Etsy to Big Cartel, which is I am loving the change, but I need to get my new Big Cartel shop out there. I have my own domain, but right now I am not using it…so winning this would be great. I am a very busy mom of twin girls who will be 3 in one month…I can’t believe that, so this would help me in so many ways to put my best face forward.

    Thanks for a great giveaway…I hope I a lucky winner!

  8. Sarah says:

    oh this is a fabulous post for such a dreary day. I love my two kids ages 3 and 1. They keep me very active and full of inspiration. I am thinking of adding 2 new lines in the near future and this giveaway would be perfect in my pursuit to grow my business. And launching a new website created by Lizzie to help tell the world about myself and my company would be perfect to celebrate one year of Melon Dot…

    warmest wishes for a good day!

  9. Heather Keeton says:

    WOW! Someone will be very lucky to receive this great prize! I started my Etsy shop last September only 6 months after my 3rd child was born. A little crazy, I know. I did set up a free website through before getting on Etsy, but it’s so pathetic, I’m embarrassed to even give the address. So, though Etsy is a great place to sell my products, and I’ve been doing pretty well, having my own website would boost my business and possibly take it in a different direction. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Christina says:

    Hi! What a generous opportunity this is! I’ve been selling my handmade jewelry on Etsy for the last eight months and the next step for me is to have my own retail website. I love the clean and colorful style that Lizzie has, and would be thrilled to collaborate with her in putting my shop’s Best Face Forward!

  11. Shari says:

    Oooooh, perfect timing!! I opened my etsy shop a few months ago, acquired a domain, started a blog, selling lots, but MUST organize thoughts in one place 🙂 Everything from who I am, what Soren Lorensen Design is all about, wholesale and custom requests etc! Oh I need to organize online…real bad! 🙂
    Plus, with a name like Soren Lorensen and designer Sorensen it’s a match made in heaven 😉
    Thanks so much!!! Shari

  12. Thanks for the opportunity!! We started our etsy shop few months ago and love it 🙂 we have been blessed to have the support of our family and winning this website will be the perfect way to put our “best face forward” Thanks a lot!

  13. Thanks for the opportunity!! We opened our etsy shop few months ago and love it 🙂 we have been blessed to have the support of our family and winning this website will be the perfect way to put our best face forward 🙂
    Thanks a lot!!

  14. Priscilla says:

    As a teacher, I always tell my students that I don’t choose anyone who says, “Pick me! Pick me!” – so pardon my hypocrisy. The truth is, I think I have a great little shop with a unique product (I know, I know – so does everyone else) but I’m totally clueless when it comes to branding and putting my best face forward. I’m considering moving from Etsy to Big Cartel, and having an info website will definitely help lead costumers there. I’d love to win this so, “Pick me! Pick me!”

  15. Joanne says:

    Having a carefully branded website would be like building a new studio with windows on main street!! After a good 9 months on Etsy, Facebook and Twitter I see how important it is to have a separate central site that is custom and approachable to inquiries. I know my style of customer and am ready to connect with a shop setting for product ideas and a blog. I know what makes me different and what makes me strong. I just don’t know how to begin with the website design templates offered by my host! This website could allow me to expand my product line and seriously approach reps, wholesale accounts etc. I hope you will pick me because I am old enough to know that good ideas and opportunity don’t always align;timing is everything. I do believe that ” Small is the new big.”I[Godin]–Thanks for this opportunity, Lizze and OMHG to empower one more handmade designer!

  16. Chrystal says:

    Hi Lizzie! I recently started my Etsy business making crocheted items. I feel like I’m missing that something extra thatso many other small businesses have! I’m a mom of four and haven’t had much time or sales to make such a neat “BFF” site. What a cool opportunity!

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