Wizard of Oz Birthday Party

by Heather Mattos of Cookie Mondays

Choosing a Wizard of Oz theme was a no-brainer when it came time to plan my Dorothy-obsessed daughter, Camden’s third birthday party.  I decided to focus on blue gingham, red sparkles, and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in a few simple handmade elements to pull it all together.

First stop: sarah + abraham for adorable invites.  I can’t get enough of the olliegraphic customizable children, so I aimed for a Dorothy-ized Camden (braids, blue dress, red shoes).

They were perfect as is, but just for fun I attached a tiny scrap of blue gingham fabric to the dress (double stick tape and a few stitches) and red glitter to the shoes (glitter glue with a tiny paint brush).

For her actual party outfit, we wanted something beyond the basic Dorothy dress that she pulls out of the dress-up box every single day!  I made a ruffley skirt, similar to this one, complete with blue tulle and rainbow ribbon, and a coordinating ‘3’ tee and hair bow.

All the little girls arrived in ruby slippers!

Bright yellow chalk transformed our front path into the yellow brick road.  Dozens of colorful floating balloons made the ceiling a rainbow.  I sewed tablecloths and basket liners out of more gingham fabric (which is very inexpensive at Joann Fabric).

Favors were ‘Toto baskets’, including stickers and coloring books from the dollar bin at Michaels , rainbow Skittles and crayons, and a shiny red apple (remember the talking apple trees scene?!)

But I think the highlight of the party may very well have been the cake.  Red and sparkly on the outside… rainbow on the inside.  We used this super easy technique.

Balloons, and cake, and friends, OH MY!  What could be more fun?  {Wicked witches not included.}

* Ruby slippers and favors photos by Melissa Larson.


  1. Carmen (Country Mouse) says:

    Love this! My (now 29 yr old) daughter would have loved this! When she was little she wanted to change her name to Dorothy. To this day she absolutely loves The Wizard of Oz.

  2. Megan says:

    That cake is phenomenal. And those shoes! I love themed birthday parties – especially ones that involve children’s books! What a beautiful birthday.

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