Handmade Home: Inspirational Workspaces

by Jessika Hepburn, O Happy Day Handmade

Today’s post was inspired by my kitchen table. Mainly because I spent the whole day working at it, since my studio is lost in mess so deep I would need a map and compass to locate the table, and a pitchfork to unearth it. Really, it’s that bad. I made a valiant attempt to organize some of it but gave up and headed downstairs. Needing inspiration I decided to do two things at once, write this post and get myself energized for some midnight cleaning.

It was hard choosing just four of my favorite workspaces but these ones made me want to pin up my hair and get to work making my own space pretty (and functional) again. So if your workroom deserves a sign that says, “Here there be dragons” hopefully these beautiful rooms inspire you to make a change!

1. Blessed Little Nest‘s studio space is by far my favourite. It is so full of colour, whimsy and cheer that it makes me want to invite myself over for tea and crafting!  I love the general nest theme and I actually planned an entire window display at Nurtured around those bird cards from eeBoo. It’s hard to believe she only paid around $6 at a Goodwill for that beautiful old Singer!

2. I have come across Spring Chick‘s creative and modern workspace before via Apartment Therapy, Modish & Ikea Hacker and wanted to share it with you. The big work table was made by bolting together 4 ikea kitchen cabinets. If I had a room big enough to fit it in, while still having room to get in the door, I would be so making this- or “helping” Chris make it, same thing.

3. Red is Best by Kathy Stinson is one of my daughter’s favourite books and this scrapbook room from Two Peas In A Bucket proves that red is best for so many things. I am really excited about the spice rack button organizer idea.

4. A tribute to inspiring spaces wouldn’t be complete without SouleMama‘s light-filled and vibrant workspace. This room is simply perfect-it balances clutter and cleanliness in a way I wish I could replicate in my own home. I can just imagine closing the door and letting “art wash from the soul the dust of the everyday (Picasso)”.

Happy Crafting!


  1. April says:

    Wahhh! My workspace consists of a table I bought in a scrap yard for $20 in the corner of my living room…I need a bigger home 🙂 And a studio. And possibly a decorator to help me put it all together.
    So pretty.

  2. Melissa says:

    I loved your post today! Made me want to go and get my own studio in order! Simply beautiful and inspiring. I love looking into other artist workspace- so much color. It made my eyes happy this Friday!

  3. They’re all so cute, bright and NEAT. Did I mention NEAT? I love the buttons on the spice rack in the Red is Best room. LoL! I have these same racks…I guess when the spices are all gone I’ll know what to do with them. :o)

  4. Mel says:

    I LOOOOOVE this so much – there are so many fabulous ideas here and many of them are do-able even if you don’t have a contract with Pottery Barn or the money to buy the entire contents of their catalog. Thank you so much for putting this together while keeping in mind that organization does not always have to require spending a ton of money! :o)

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