handmade parties: eye candy{corn} halloween party

by Heather Mattos, Cookie Mondays

Last night my kids and I dug into our first batch of candy corn of the season. Yes, October is in full swing, and nothing says Halloween like those sugary orange and yellow kernels. Really, what could be sweeter than candy corn for a child’s Halloween party theme?! With a theme in mind, it always amazes me how a quick Etsy search provides endless handmade inspiration. Now, how about some eye candy{corn}…

heather mattos halloween handmade finds, candy corn

1. Yarn & Felt Wreath by Itz Fitz!

2.Burlap Banner by Funkyshique

3. Confetti by Spare Bedroom Studio

4.Jumbo Crayons by Art 2 the Extreme

halloween handmade finds, heather mattos, candy corn

5.Rice Crispie Treats by reeadd

6. Beanie by May Flowers

7. Hairpins by feather & branch

candy corn felt sachet tutorial, halloween handmade

If you are feeling crafty then try out this cute tutorial on how to make candy corn themed Felt Sachets by Chica and Jo


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