Kids Wrapped In Handmade Holiday Style

handmade holiday fashion for childrenby Joanne Gilbert of Drawn to Letters

Hello! I’m thrilled that Jessika invited me to share my illustrations and kick off the holiday season with a topic dear to my heart: kids, fashion and handmade designs!

As the holiday season approaches, we know it is all about the gift of love, and the memories you’ll be making, but who doesn’t love a beautifully wrapped gift? That includes wrapping your little ones in fashions that will provide comfort, and fun memories, long after the turkey and tree are gone.

Of course fashion, like kids, is one part function and one part expression! So I chose 3 C’s as my guide to find you wonderful holiday options. I wanted comfort, classic quality (lasting hand me down style) and charisma, the special oomph factor that frames a child’s spirit.

handmade holiday children fashion, kids clothing, tom & molly

Outfit 1: Lollipop Christmas Set from Tom & Molly

Of course handmade clothing has all three and it was nearly impossible to narrow my choices! So I mixed up designer clothing from all over North America, France/Peru, and Australia to create five good girls and boys, wrapped in styles that cover all kinds of climate, gatherings, and moods to remember.

handmade holiday style, handmade fashion clothing for children

Outfit 2:  Plaid swing jacket by saibatoothcubHoliday hoodie dress by Francoise Lama-SoletPosh legs by PoshPipsqueak

I found high quality jersey with trimmings, durable classic linen, and upcycled vintage fabrics, as well as soft alpaca knits- all with a fun factor. Come on! Fuzzy chenille pantaloons and a plaid swing coat?

handmade childrens fashions for the holidays

Outfit 3: Italian linen shirt from finehandmadeclothingCorduroy pants from lakeandlilaFaux tie vest from PinkStripe

A faux tie is formal, fun, and handsome at any age. I stopped short of the huggable black velvets and silk taffeta temptations, due to the 3 C’s, but they are out there in handmade heaven too!

handmade holiday clothing for children, gingerbread dress

Outfit 4:  Gingerbread girl holiday dress from Liliputians, White chenille bloomers by jenniferlockedesigns

I love how these designers fit the holiday.  Pun intended! Did I mention custom fit for short or leggy kids like mine? Yes!!  Now you know why I was inspired to freeze the handmade cuteness in watercolor for your own holiday shopping inspiration. Kids wrapped in handmade designs will just make your holiday better.  Can you feel the love?

handmade holiday clothing fashion for children

Outfit 5:  Reversible knit hoodie from OeufGreensleeves leggings by thesittingtree

And as a new gift from me at Drawn to Letters, please download a free printable pair of cards: H is for hats and Happy Handmade Holidays!

All art is ©Joanne Gilbert/Drawn to letters and cannot be reproduced without permission or resold.


  1. Stephanie Douglas says:

    Joanne – loved the pictures and the clothes. I found the pictures joyous and wanted the clothes for my granddaughters. Also really liked that you included a boy and boy’s clothes.

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