Up & Away with hjrd Design: magnetic wall art and free download

by Jessika Hepburn, O Happy Day Handmade

One of the perks of editing a wonderful site like Oh My Handmade is that I am contacted by many incredible artists who often have unique and creative products that I can covet, and then share with you. This month I was emailed by Helen Riley-Duddin, the New Zealand artist behind hjrd Design. Helen creates the beautiful interactive and magnetic wallscapes featured in this post using upcycled materials like vintage fabric and wall paper scraps. These wallscapes are both art and play, unlike static vinyl stickers they can transform any wall or paintable surface into a dynamic and ever-changing canvas.

“My design approach always reflects the influence of existing elements, whether it be materials or intangible details. My wallscapes upcycle unused or discarded materials by changing their context to appreciate the beauty of their colours and textures – liberating them from their former garments and associations.”

Pictured above: set of 6 heart magnets, building blocks decals, little birdie magnet

Helen has a background in Communication Design and Marketing, she teaches some of these subjects and Interior Design courses at the local college and is also a freelance designer. After becoming a parent Helen was inspired to use her design skills to create “something halfway between art and play” for her own home and her magnetic wallscapes were the fantastic end result.

Helen has also created some adorable colouring pages and has offered OMHG readers a free download of her Up & Away colouring page (pictured below), just click here and colour away!

Come back on Monday and enter for a chance to win the magnetic rainbow decal of your choice (check back for giveaway rules) from hjrd Designs.


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