Earth Friendly Finds: Green is the new Black

by Jessika Hepburn, O Happy Day Handmade

Have you heard-green is apparently the new black? It’s true, consumers around the world are increasingly choosing more environmentally responsible options and steering away from plastics filled with chemicals or disposable products. Living simply has always been a priority for our family. We choose locally grown foods, natural toys and try to make our home as healthy as possible, we have happily cloth diapered both our children and I do not drive for environmental reasons.

So it is no surprise that I am adding a new category to OMHG-Earth Friendly Finds. Here I will share my favourite green products and businesses with a special monthly post. This month’s post is a showcase of some items that will not only make you feel good about changing the world but are beautiful (and useful) too!

Changing diapers is one of those things that just has to happen so we might as well make it as adorable as possible!

1. The BecoPotty is made from plant waste created in manufacturing and is totally biodegradable. It is fully washable and when toilet training is over you can plant it in the backyard! I love to make a big deal out of transitions and this would make a great ceremony for a little boy or girl who is ready to say goodbye to diapers forever.

2. Better for Babies is one of my favourite earth friendly companies. They make everything from co-sleeping pillows to washable tissues (say goodbye to overflowing garbage bags come cold season) but their organic cotton velour diapers and training pants are amazing. It might seem crazy but I promise you that even in the hottest weather a baby stays cooler in a cloth diaper with a wool (yes wool) cover then in a disposable!

3. This ridiculously cute handmade diaper cover by crankypantsknits is called a “longie” and is meant to be used with a cotton, hemp or bamboo fitted diaper but I would be tempted to hang it on the wall instead! This pair was handmade in Peru by a cooperative of women from local hand-dyed wool.

4. Have you ever noticed that the boxes toys come in can be way more interesting to your children then the toy itself? These cardboard dollhouses & playhouse by Dutch Kidsonroof are toy and box in one. A brilliant example of a marriage between innovation and style.

5. I know it is early to think about back to school but September will be here before you know it! Send your little one off in style with this Waste-Free Lunchkit from Lunchbots.

6. Once you start using reusable snack bags you will never look at a plastic bag the same way again. The Snack Happened bag from Itzy Ritzy is totally washable and will make snack time way cuter then ever before.

I hope you have enjoyed the first post in this new category-please feel free to make product suggestions and let me know what you would like to see here!


  1. Tara says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Itzy Ritzy bags. My daughter has used one all year and not only has it held up beautifully to all the wash and use…all of her classmates loved them so much they bought them too!

  2. Lauren says:

    Wow! Thanks for featuring us. I absolutely love this blog, and your Etsy store, and look forward to seeing more in this new category! ( now carries the bECOpotty, too!)

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