Etsy Trends: Mustache Madness

etsy trends mustache madness

by Jessika Hepburn, O Happy Day Handmade

I spend A LOT of time on Etsy and I have started to notice recurring  trends and themes. Top Etsy treasuries often follow certain themes and you will see the same essential design popping up in different ways as the trend spreads. While following trends can be dangerous since they are always changing,  if you can quickly adapt your products or designs to capitalize on them, you will find that your market can expand dramatically. Since marketing is one of my great loves, and a huge component of marketing is in identifying trends in popular culture, I thought it would be great to start a monthly post on Etsy Trends. I am starting with one of my favorite baffling themes: the mustache. I have no idea how it started but now you can find anything handmade & mustache themed from home decor to baby booties on Etsy. Proof that the oddest things can capture peoples imaginations!

etsy trends mustache madness1. Add a bit of mystery to your milk with a set of 4 Moustache Pint Glasses from modernmadness. Choose from 5 colors and 10 mustache designs.

2. The Make Your Own Mustache Mix from whiskerworks would be perfect for a Halloween masquerade themed party.

3. I you prefer a sweet ‘stache take a look at these hard candy lollipops from VintageConfections.

etsy trends mustache madness, mustache mug, mustache ring4. The non-profit TriliumArtisans team came up with these super fun mustache mugs-bottoms up!

5.I am in love with this cute Mustache Love Ring from isette-at only $9 each these could make a unique loot bag favor for a girl’s party.

6. These recycled mustache note cards from thecraftpantry are just the right mix of whimsy and simplicity.

etsy trends mustache madness, mustache slippers, mustache shirt, mustache plush7. Mr. Bearington plush bear from SparklePower is looking spiffy with his neat little mustache and bowler hat.

8. Even baby booties are sporting handlebars! Like these Mr. Mustache booties by pleasantlyplumpknits.

9. Go incognito with a mustache shirt from bchildrenswear.

10 .  The header at the top of this post features lupin’s fun felt mustache.

Well that was fun- I am in the mood now to bust out my monocle (if I had one) and read some Sherlock Holmes!

Have you spotted any new trends on Etsy? Leave your tip as a comment and I will go sleuthing for new themes.


  1. Kat says:

    This is just the coincidence! I just watched “Hot Rod” for the first time today… and he sure loved his fake mustache 🙂

    Other trends I’ve been seeing are russian dolls, antique keys and leaves.

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