Oh My! July

by Jessika Hepburn, O Happy Day Handmade

It is hard to believe it is already August and that I have been editing OMHG for a whole month. Time flies when you are both having fun and working harder then ever have before! I have certainly received and sent more emails in the last month then I have in my entire life. New projects always have a bit of a learning curve and I thank you all for your patience, support and encouraging comments while I get my sea legs.

I wanted to thank the contributors who make this site the amazing resource that it is. Your talents are diverse and inspiring and I simply love reading and editing your articles. July was filled with excellent small business tips, handmade finds and fabulous giveaways. Here is a quick snapshot of the last month:

Sara Tams of sarah + abraham shared her reasons for choosing to find OMHG a new home (and I am so glad she did!)

Catherine Young of bumpkin.etsy.com shared a lovely post filled with adorable handmade tea party finds.

April MacKinnon of Nurtured and Anointment wrote a well-researched article about small business insurance and liability.

Caroline Nelson of Little Cupcakes Company gave away a custom birthday shirt to a lucky OMHG reader!

Jacqui Miyabayashi of Mee a Bee shared some invaluable tips about working with a designer.

Heather Mattos of Cookie Mondays put together some great handmade pool party finds in her colourful post.

Nicole Morell of Honeybunch wrote a great interview with Catherine Choi, owner of So Young Mother

Meg Bartholomy from olliegraphic gave us a free download of an inventive birthday party memory game

Stacy Altiery of InkSpot Workshop offered a popular giveaway for 20 personalized popsicle notecards

Sarah Semark of Triggers & Sparks gave us some tips on how to win your designer’s love (and really great design)

Arianne Foulks of Aeolidia wrote an excellent and helpful article about how to make your business (and life) a little bit better.

Thank you all! August is promising to be equally exciting, with plenty of handmade tips, finds, interviews and giveaways-so be sure to visit often!


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