Ask Grace in Real Time & Share Your Retail Stories

As you all know I am a huge fan of handmade designs. The quality of the pieces, along with the time and effort that go into making each and every one of them, gives it a story to tell and value that goes beyond monetary worth. (I’ve spoken before about the advantages that having a story can give you when trying to get “in” with a retailer.)

In an effort to support and encourage these designers I will be joining you for the next #omhg chat on August 11 from 1-2EST with the hashtag #omhg!

Designers of any background or level of experience are welcome to join in and share stories or challenges, ask questions, get feedback and chat in general about their retail experiences. Have an idea you’d like to bounce off other people? Perhaps you’re thinking of taking your business in a new direction? Share it and you’ll get honest feedback from people in the same industry and who understand your needs. It’ll be like having your own personal review board and retail mentor, at your fingertips :).


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  1. Grace,the sort and filter feedback for new directions is so valuable as you describe it.”breadth or depth” in branding?I am so sorry to miss this timeframe due to my schedule -I’ll puzzle the notes later! Have a great meet up.

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