Back to Basics Marketing with InkSpot Workshop

by Stacy Altiery of InkSpot Workshop

Hello Everyone! Today I thought I’d do a post for you to help you get back to the basics of marketing your business, so to speak. With all the social media we’re all involved with these days, even I sometimes forget to get back to the basics when it comes to promoting both of my shops InkSpot Workshop and Fire Hydrant Press. I recently came across this post by Joy Gendusa, CEO, PostcardMania and it inspired me to use the tips she offered to make a new postcard and share it with you today. For space’s sake today, I’m just showing you the front side of my postcard, but be sure to check out Joy’s full post here to see examples for both sides.I like to have postcards on hand when promoting my business. In the past I have mailed postcards directly to my customers, but in retrospect it’s not a very efficient way to gain a response from your customers. Why? people move and don’t always include a forwarding address!

What I have found works much better is to include postcards with each package I ship out. I like to cross promote both of my shops so whenever I’m packing up an InkSpot Workshop order, I include a Fire Hydrant Press postcard, and vice versa. If you don’t have 2 shops, reach out to your online friends and see if they’d like to do some cross postcard promoting with you, it’s fun!

Postcards in general are a great to have on hand since they are inexpensive you can have different postcards for different product lines, seasons or promotions. I have several at all times…
– a general all purpose postcard promoting the basics of my business
– a bounce back one, featuring a coupon code for a savings or discount to a customer who just made a purchase and hoping to offer them something to “bounce back” to my shop.
– a postcard featuring each season, for example Christmas, Back To School, Valentine’s Day, etc…

The list could go on forever, but I think you catch my drift, right? You can either design and print your own postcards or use a company like or Vista Prints where you can upload your own design or choose from many templates they already have on hand. It’s super easy and fast. is also home to the Mini Moo cards shown below, which like many business owners I absolutely LOVE! Why? They’re like little, mini postcards and/or business cards. You can use these in place of postcards to tuck away into your customer’s packages, plus they’re small enough you can carry them around with you at all times. So often I run to the dog park or the grocery store with just my keys and my wallet and that’s always the time I end up running into people I want to tell about my businesses. With my little Mini Moo cards and card holder key chain from I always have something on me to give them! Plus you can upload your own pictures of your products, up to 100 images can you believe that? That means you can have a different product pictured on each card!

And guess what?? Feel free to use the code I showed on my postcard above to get some goodies from InkSpot Workshop.

Thanks for reading today and Happy Marketing!!


  1. Ferris Stith says:

    Hi Erika! Thanks for posting our CEO, Joy Gendusa’s article, we really appreciate it! I wanted to let you know that we have an affiliate program that you would be perfect for. Let me know if you’d like more information!

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