Change Your Mindset = Transform Your Business


Change Your Mindset = Transform Your Business A Fast-track guide to taking control of your life and your business using your mind.
by Cam Pietralunga of

Do you ever wonder how a successful woman manages to run a prosperous business, raise well-adjusted children, keep a happy husband and take care of herself? I know I do. But I also know that successful woman isnʼt a magician or a robot, sheʼs masteredsomething we all need to master – sheʼs mastered her mindset. Sheʼs harnessed her mind to achieve the great results sheʼs getting. We can all take a lesson from her and hereʼs your fast-track guide to getting started.

1. What is YOUR business mindset?

Your mindset is your approach to the world around you. Think of your mindset as a filter. Everything you experience is put through your mental filter. The resulting thoughts are your mind analyzing and rationalizing the experience. For instance, imagine your husband eats the last piece of pizza that you really wanted. You could get mad at your husband because youʼre disappointed OR you could feel grateful that your husband removed that temptation for you. A positive mindset might choose the latter. A mindset is intensely personal and everyoneʼs is different. Do you view the glass as half empty or half full? Are you a pessimist, realist or optimist? Do you view the world with rose-colored glasses? These types of questions will help you determine if you have a naturally positive mindset or if you need to do some inner work in order to achieve the right mindset that will lead to success in your business and life.

2. You DO have control over your business mindset!

Contrary to what most of us are raised to believe, we actually do have control over our mindset. We donʼt have to succumb to the whims of our moods like we did when we were teenagers! Sure. We all have natural tendencies to be positive or negative but we have the option ALL DAY LONG to consciously modify our behavior and actually teach our subconscious to be more positive and approach business challenges with a hopeful resolve.

3. How your mindset affects your business success

What do you do when clients and customers start to dry up and things get scary in your business? That can be a scary time for all of us but how you respond to this situation will make or break you. A natural pessimist might respond by assuming the Universe wants her to give up. She might say to herself, “My business isnʼt working. I have no new clients coming in so Iʼm going to give up and go back to the corporate world!” While, a natural optimist might assume the Universe wants to simply teach her a lesson and push her to grow and learn more about her business & her ideal client. She might say to herself, “I know these are hard times right now BUT Iʼm committed to this. Iʼm going to learn what I need to learn and do whatever it takes to get visibility for my business and make this work!” She might need to take a side-job to help support herself through a rough patch but the Optimist will view it as a temporary situation, whereas the Pessimist might resign herself to the side-job forever. Essentially giving up on her dream business.

If your mind is looking for the “good” in life, it will find it. If your mind is expecting failure, expecting rejection, expecting difficulties, it will find it. What you pay attention to and focus on you will get more of. Itʼs guaranteed. So how about focusing on your good points – your ability to talk with strangers passionately about your business; your ability to keep organized; your commitment to your business and familyʼs success. These and a slew of other good things in your life deserve to have your attention. Remember, what you focus on grows!

you're doing everything right, affirmation from laura georgeaffirmation from laura george

4. How to take control of your mindset

There are many tools you can use to take control of your mindset. Here are a few: You can use daily affirmations. these are positive statements you repeat throughout the day that will remind you of your goals, your positive traits and keep you on track. You can use visuals such as a vision board or vision book. These are boards or books in which you paste inspiring images and words. Again, you refer to it throughout the day and when you do your meditation. An essential aspect of business success is the most obvious one – you must define what success is to you before you can achieve it. These are called business blueprints. They involve mapping out your grand plans for your business. You use large poster paper to make a clear outline of your business now and where you want your business to go. Itʼs your plan for your future. An internal tool you can use is simply controlling your thoughts. You literally replace a negative thought or reaction to a challenge with a positive thought or reaction.

You must also remember this equation:

think the positive thoughts (train your mindset) + feel the feelings of success (as in meditation) + informed positive action (use your business blueprint) + staying grateful (throughout the day in your affirmations or prayers) = transformation in your life and your business.

Some of these concepts are simple and easy to put into action. Some are more complicated and will take focus and commitment from you. All are proven to create great results. Armed with a new outlook and a new plan of attack, 2011 can be an amazing year for us all full of outstanding and uncharacteristic achievement!

Happy New Year!

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  1. This is really really really inspiring… I love the phrase “If the mind is looking for “good in life”, it will find it.
    I’m thinking of making a visual board… ooh that’s gonna be tough…

    Thank you so much for this.. =)
    Happy new year… =)


  2. One of the biggest lessons I learned in 2010 is that I am not my mind. The real me is the part of me that is noticing the mind chatter – you know that voice in your head that tells you stuff sometimes that isn’t very nice!? The first step is awareness and then you can learn skills to deal with your mind chatter.

    I also highly recommend the book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol Dweck. It presents the idea of a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset. You can change your mindset!

  3. Jessika says:

    I am loving this post and all your comments-keep them coming! Thanks Lisa for the book recommendation I’ll check it out, I visited your site last night via @MollydeA and found lots of wonderful ideas to get me thinking.

    @Tricia so nice to see you here: )

  4. Mindset says:

    Thanks for a great post. very informative. I totally agree with you, having is the right mindset is most important of all. I Have already shared this post with a few of my friends and they loved it.

  5. Upendra says:


    Right now,I can not comment on the article as i’m planning to experiment on tips provided in article.

    But, just wanted to tell you “A GENTLE THANK YOU’

  6. Upendra says:

    I have one question.

    Incase, you n your husband are very hungry and luckily you got some food item.Your husband grabbed the stuff with out sharing you. Interested to know how would you take on this.

    • Jessika says:

      Having a positive mindset is one thing-being treated without respect or compassion by your husband is another. I personally would be very angry, hurt & hungry. It’s hard to be positive on an empty belly!

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