Get organized with Pixie Chicago

by Cassandra Rippberger of Pixie Chicago

I love all of the organization tips and tricks that we are learning about this month!
I had my studio all set to show everyone but realized that my favorite storage and organization tools would be more useful to everyone than seeing my studio space. So here are my favorite organizers I use at home & in my studio. Enjoy!


1. In my house we love making fresh pasta, so these are a great way to store our pasta, and they look so cool too!$46.99 @

2. Nothing makes me happier than my colorful magnetic fridge spice rack. It acts as almost a piece of artwork on my fridge and so functional too. $28 @ saltcityspice on Etsy


3. After I saw Bethenny Frankel’s video, I just had to have that organized shoe closet! I love how organized my shoes are now and so easy to find.
$1.79-$4.49/each @

Office/Studio Space

4 &5: Since I am constantly printing things and need quick access to my paper and envelopes I have these two elements in my studio next to my production table so I can reach them easily, and they look pretty cool too!
Paper Storage Cube System $59.99 @
CD storage tower $29.99

6. Inspired by this month’s spring-cleaning theme, I decided to go to Ikea and buy a ton of these storage boxes for all of my Pixie Chicago items. They are great because I can label them and they match my Pixie logo color too!
$3.99-$15.99 @

Also, here are some great organizing blogs that I frequent & get inspiration from:


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