How to Make Your Business Shine with Twitter

Editor’s note: I invited Erin to visit us and share this guest post about her collaborative e-book on Twitter that I got a chance to contribute to. I met Erin on Twitter and was captivated by her engaging friendliness and intelligence. Since then I have loved watching and supporting her as she grows her business. I hope you enjoy this chance to connect with her too and make your business shine with Twitter!

A special guest post by Erin Giles of

I remember telling my husband I would NEVER join Twitter.

A Creativity Comeback

With 2011 bringing back my desire to build my business, I soon realized I needed to join. Within months I was loving Twitter, my business was growing because of it and I was meeting so many new friends!

And what a perfect way to celebrate businesses growth and my new found friends, than to create a collaboration with my Twitter friends on How to Make Your Business Shine with Twitter.

Let’s take a peek inside, shall we?

Danielle Spurge on How to be Earnest (Or Whatever Your Name Happens to Be), “It’s easier and more meaningful to connect with an actual human than with a milk carton, or something that acts like one. So, don’t just chat about business related things.”

Mayi Carles on Why I Don’t Use Twitter to Promote My Blog, “I don’t use Twitter to promote my blog or any of my businesses. I feel that would be like throwing glitter in people’s faces + expecting a birthday invitation. NOT.”

Lindsay Wilkins on Creating Hype About Your Product, ” We would never see a new Apple product appear out of nowhere in stores without anyone hearing about it first.”

Yours truly, Jessika Hepburn on Build Your Community by Partying: How to Join and Throw a Twitter Party, ” If you stay true to what you know, or bring people on board to share what they know, you will be able to offer a resource that will draw people in over and over again.”

Katrina Zepp on The Space-Twitter Time Continuum: How to Manage Your Tweeting Time, “When I first joined, I was completely click-happy. A photo of your adorable puppy? Click! New recipe featuring a creative reuse of cardboard? Of course I want to see that! I allowed myself to be nudged and coaxed in different directions, and that’s okay.”

A Creative Challenge

This e-book is a victory for me against a fight with confidence and creativity. For months I wanted to be asked to collaborate on a project, I have to confess. I started doubting what I had to offer to the creative community until one day it hit me. I have endless ideas inside of me, I just have to exercise confidence and commitment to pull it off. Even emailing the collaborators was a nail-biter, but I am so glad I clicked send.

Who Will This E-Book Benefit?

Any business owner that has been considering using Twitter or has opened an account only to leave it sit with zero followers for a year. This e-book wasn’t intended to show beginners the basics of Twitter, such as uploading a photo or writing you bio. But once you know the basics, download our free e-book and watch your business grow!

Happy Tweeting,



About Erin: I’m Erin Giles, and I am a Creative Business Coach + Elegant Girl Artist + Happy Wife and Mama. I have planned rockin’ fashion shows, managed a hot boutique and a non-profit program. I am shining my brightest when helping female entrepreneurs maintain passion and peace while empowering them to create a business that shines. Connect with me over on my site and say hello on Twitter and Facebook!


  1. Meagan says:

    This is a great e-book…not only for Twitter newbies, but for those who’ve been there a while. It’s a fresh look at what you should & shouldn’t be doing & it fills you will inspiration & encouragement that you can build a following & develop great relationships with others. It’s definitely on my recommendation list! Thanks for sharing Jessika & Erin!

  2. Ms Muffin says:

    I just subscribed to your emails … and can not wait to see that ebook! *lol*
    I REALLY need it I think. I have TWO twitter accounts – but to be honest … I really do not get the hang of it!
    Can not wait to change things around! 🙂

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