Lift the weight with a support system

by Lisa Bacon of Moxie Pear

“you can do it” print by helen dardik

This article was originally going to be all about the ups and downs of being a work at home CEO (managing kids, a house, a business, etc) but after getting away with my husband for 4 days last week it really made me start to think about how much I value those around me. I don’t think I COULD be an entrepreneur without a good support system in place and at the heart of that is my husband (affectionately known as The Baconator). He lends a hand when there is a deadline I have to meet or  a client I need to talk to on the phone. Yep, my 5 year old does what most do when she sees Mommy on the phone!

Before you come up with a name, start to write a business plan or purchase supplies, make sure you have a good support system in place. What will happen if your business takes off like a rocket? Do you have someone who you can lean on for help or comfort?

It may be that you need someone to pick up the kids or straighten the house when days are crazy. You may need a mentor or someone to bounce business ideas off of. Or you may just need someone to vent to and be there for moral support.

Everyone’s system may be different but without help there is no way that we can do it all…ok, so we probably could but would overwork ourselves in the process. That is no good for your business or your sanity.

Lisa Bacon is a creative entrepreneur, wife, mother and self-professed laundry procrastinator. She lives just south of Atlanta, Georgia with her family and runs Moxie Pear, a boutique that specializes in creative services (ie. logo design, web design, etc) for small businesses. She also writes about her daily life and shares all sorts of crafty goodness on her blog, A House Full of Moxie.


  1. Joanne says:

    Lisa I couldn’t agree more. When you look at your “resources” to start a business, a loving, flexible support system should be one of them. If it’s not currently available you might just be kidding yourself–pun intended!

  2. Mae says:

    You have strong points here and it helps to know that you have a friend or anybody that can carry and listen to you. Business and support systems, you’ve convinced me that they are essential together

  3. Leandra says:

    Great advice! Good people surrounding you could only mean one thing: SUCCESS! I’m glad I found you here…I’ve subscribed & will be following you on twitter & facebook as well! I’m a new “momtrepreneur” trying to stay at home with my two little ones but needing to make ends meet! Hope you enjoy my blog as well as my newly opened shop
    I look forward to reading future posts from ohmy! handmade! Thanks 🙂

    • Jessika says:

      Thanks for your sweet comment & tweet Leandra, these kind of comments are food for the bloggers soul! I hope you find lots of small biz support/solutions here & be sure to jon us on Twitter every Thursday from 1-2EST to chat with other handmade business owners & mamas with the tag #omhg. Off to check out your links!

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