Superman had his cape. Dorothy had her ruby slippers. Santa has his famous red suit. This month as we get back to business I thought “ wouldn’t it be really great if we all had something equally transforming to slip on when we go to make the magic happen in our workspace? ”

I decided to start with a traditional work apron and design something so functional and pretty that just putting it on would make me feel more energetic and professional in the workroom and politely say “I’m working” to my family or a person at the door.

design sketch by Joanne Gilbert C2011

I looked at lots of aprons: printers, carpenters, maids, artists, couture sewers, home bakers and even those romantic but practical 1920’s linen “dusters” made to protect finery in open auto road trips! I borrowed the best from each, adding 6 pockets and 2 loops for modern multi-tasking . Here is my technical drawing ready for a patternmaker.

technical flat for apron design Joanne Gilbert c 2011

It uses medium weight denim like printers aprons with a comfy contoured neckline like a 1940’s home baking apron . I just had to add the personal rainbow of pieced colors but you could have a pretty print or sophisticated graphic to express your brand and style. Ties are generous to wrap in front or tie in back. A waist pocket keeps your mobile phone with you and deep double layer pockets carry your tools, papers, swatches etc. from work room to kitchen to garage. The loops can keep your keys, your flash drive, measuring spoons or baby’s pacifier handy and secure. What makes you feel ready for business? Would you feel empowered wearing my Do-It-All Apron? Can you improve on it?  Would anyone like to be the first to make one?


  1. Apolline says:

    I love your apron! I always wear one when I work so I bought 3 over the years but there’s always something missing : eather it’s too short or it has only one pocket…or none! So yes I would feel empowered wearing yours! I won’t be the first to make it though as my sewing machine is broken (new one for Christmas).
    Maybe I would add a pocket on the chest for my glasses…what do you think?

  2. Cindy says:

    I love your idea and really like the apron. The pocket for my glasses would be a decimate yes! I love the pockets and the loops. It might be fun to try making of one of the beautiful and bright heavier designer fabrics!

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