Rise and Shine – An eBook for Creative Entrepreneurs

Hello!  I’m overjoyed to be here celebrating and sharing a little about my new e-book, Rise & Shine, which is about creating your path in the handmade world.I really put my heart into writing this book and focused on guiding creative entrepreneurs to develop an online shop that is distinctly their own. It’s intended for folks just starting out and for established makers whose brand needs a pick-me-up. I drew from my own experience in creating a shop that, through all of the ups and down and twists and turns, has brought much joy and fulfillment into my life. My goal is to help others convert their talents into a flourishing brand. Also, I included fantastic insights from shining stars in the creative world on various topics, such developing a cohesive brand, telling an authentic story, and growing a business.
The idea to write a book emerged after posting several lessons learned on my blog. I called them “Business Bits,” and they were met with such incredible feedback and support.  I found that I truly enjoyed helping other aspiring creative entrepreneurs on their journey.  Originally, I thought of integrating all of my Business Bits posts into one downloadable file, but decided I should take it one step further. I wanted to offer something really valuable that went beyond bite-sized tips and how-tos, and inspire makers to create an online presence that both remains true to themselves and stands apart from all the rest.
Just like with my handbags, I enjoyed the book making process as much as the end product. On mornings when my son was at preschool, I cozied myself away at the nearby coffee shop with notebook and pencil in hand. I started from a very rough outline and began weaving together ideas. It’s definitely a labor of love – it took me several drafts, a few directional changes, and many months to complete. The most difficult part for me was not including too much. I needed to keep with the core message of my book and create something that was authentic to me. So I veered away from basic business information which, thank goodness, is so readily available, and instead focused on the nuanced aspects of defining a creative concept and building a brand.I’m positively thrilled to celebrate my book launch with Oh My Handmade and am offering readers a discount code for 40% off my e-book through the month of October!  Enter code VA22J during checkout on my book page at Smashwords to receive your copy (in your choice of format!) for only $6.

Thank you so much to Jess for sharing in the celebration of my book!


  1. mel mccarthy says:

    This looks fab! Thank You so much for sharing your advice & the things you’ve learned. And thank you for the oh so generous discount this month. I hope to have a creative business in the near future & can’t wait to read it!

  2. Allisa says:

    @mel – Best of luck to you and your business! Would love to hear your feedback if you pick up a copy and am always happy to answer business related questions (or any questions really 🙂


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