The Sketch: a peek at the process of a designer

by Lisa Bacon of Moxie Pear

The Sketch from moxie pear on Vimeo.

I am excited to share a little look at my design process at Moxie Pear. As a web designer, I do a lot of research on a clients business based on the creative questionnaire they submit to me. Sometimes, this can take a few hours or a few days. From there, I get to start on the fun part…sketching out the wireframe. This is my favorite part of the whole process because it’s when I can see the design really start to come to life. I have a grid notebook that is only used for web design and it’s filled with ideas and sample designs. I love going back every now and then and seeing what I have done. Some ideas pan out and some are completely different by the time I start designing them in Photoshop. I love this process so much that I set out last year to make a fun stop motion video to show my clients part of the process in real time (so to speak). My son actually took all of the photos and I did the editing. Since he is older (13 now), it is nice to be able to include him in my work..and he had a blast picking the music and seeing it in action. Hope you enjoy!

Lisa Bacon is a creative entrepreneur, wife, mother and self-professed laundry procrastinator. She lives just south of Atlanta, Georgia with her family and runs Moxie Pear, a boutique that specializes in creative services (ie. logo design, web design, etc) for small businesses. She also writes about her daily life and shares all sorts of crafty goodness on her blog, A House Full of Moxie.