Happy Holidays & A Little Gift for You

oh my! handmade ultimate entrepreneur giveaway

A little more time.

Time is my gift to you this year. If you are working on your submission to our Ultimate Entrepreneur giveaway for the chance to win over $6500 in amazing small biz prizes you now have until midnight on January 1st to finish up and submit your entry. Why? Partly because I know so many of the lovelies still working on their entries are also mamas and papas. Making magic for our kiddos during Christmas is exhausting. It is hard to take stock and reflect on your business and where you are headed when you are up to your ears in hot glue and sequins…okay, I’m projecting a bit because that is where I have been each night after midnight. But bottom line is that the holidays are so hectic that reflection is in short supply.

So if you have put off entering because you didn’t feel you had the time please do so now. Any type of creative business is welcome to enter if you have been in business for 6 or more months (if you have been running a creative business but just changed your biz name or direction please enter still!).

Even if you don’t plan on entering this year I hope you still take this time to take stock of where your business is and where you hope to take it in 2012. Share your thoughts in the comments here or on the giveaway post or join in the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #omhg.

My gift to myself today is a little time too. I will not be posting daily again until January 1st when we ramp up for the new year and all the goodness planned for you and I in 2012. This will give me a chance to dedicate the time to reviewing all the submissions and the entrepreneurs behind them.

For those of you who have already submitted your entry, take a deep breath and find someone to give you a big squeeze for me. Good for you!

And to all of you, near and far, whether you visit us daily or here and there: thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate each of you, your emails and comments brighten my days and fill up my heart. I can’t wait to spend another 365 days learning and growing with you. Happy holidays and cheers to an incredible new year!

oh my! handmade ultimate entrepreneur giveaway


  1. lakshmi says:

    Awww Jessika ! You are so sweet 🙂 Thanks for doing the giveaway to begin with . Whether I win or not, I already feel I have won a lot – just the connections and the opportunity to enter . While I was working on the entry, it really made me think about what I have achieved ..so often I get obssessed with what I want to achieve.
    Thanks for extending the deadline 🙂 Good luck to all the participants ! I wish everyone a very happy 2012 !

    • Jessika says:

      Thanks Lakshmi! Hopefully the time gives people more of a chance to get to know each other while working on their submissions. Love watching community grow from this giveaway! Happy holidays:)

  2. sweet! thanks for the gift! this will come in handy …
    like many of our artistic creations, our entry is changing shape…and a little more time is a big help, cheers!
    KITES & CROWS – indie folk music and upcycled creations

  3. Nanako says:

    Your deadline extension Jessika is very thoughtful! We would echo the thoughts of Lakshmi above too – it’s already been a very rewarding experience. Putting the finishing touches on our essay + hope to submit tomorrow!

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