Come Join Us In Plotting World Domination (while juggling babes, biz & busyness)

by Jessika Hepburn, Editor

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The title just about sums it up but here’s the details-have you made it to one of our Twitter parties yet? Every Thursday from 1-2EST I’ve been hosting a Twitter chat for Oh My! Handmade followers plus whoever wants to join us. Our chats started out as a post, which made me think of having a party, which went so well I had another the next month & then we decided to do them weekly! It has turned into a real bright spot in my week where I can connect with friends and make new ones. I also love seeing new friendships being created because of our chats and how supportive we are of each other.

Usually our chats follow a general topic related to whatever our theme is for the month for OMHG. Today we focused on Motherhood Survival Strategies & before that we’ve covered ethics, spring cleaning/small business tips, plus lots of juggling/time management and the occasional plot to take over the world.  Since our parties have evolved I’ll be saving this spot on the last Thursday of every month to share insights from the chats and the transcripts for the month. I’ve renamed the category Twitter Thursdays so they’ll be easy to navigate to.

So mark your calendars! Set aside an hour just to connect, get a cup of tea (or coffee, or wine-whatever works for you) and come get friendly with us. The great thing about meeting weekly is that you can just drop in if you have time, share your thoughts and projects, build some community and of course, grow your business.

Highlights from today’s chat:

allisajacobs survival strategy: stay connected. It’s easy (for me) to retreat & withdraw, but connecting w. people helps during tough mama times #omhg

traceysebastian I’m amazed at how being present in the moment is a cure for my frustration #omhg

joycharde Survival strategies… I try to keep somewhat of a consistent schedule esp. with the boys. And I make lots of lists! 🙂 #omhg

perideaudesigns: I’m starting to really truly enjoy life rather than wish it away. #omhg

ThreeBySea Teaching self-sufficiency is a sanity saver for parents & an important life skill for kids to have as adults! #omhg

canadahandmade survival strategy: keep to-do list small + manageable, try to only go online when I have the TIME to answer or accomplish a task #omhg

ellivenstudio I’ve learned and only recently that the best remedy for myself is to stop forcing things, they will come, I can only do so much now #omhg

ArtfulRising My husband insists that I leave the house by myself at least once a week for sanity. #omhg

traceysebastian there is something to be said for growing slowly, as you can, when you can, deliberately. #omhg

perideaudesigns Ebb + flow is needed for creativity. Schedule is needed to run a business. How do you find the balance? #omhg

Click here to download the transcript for today’s chat. I am working on putting together a list of all the transcripts of earlier chats for next month + highlights.

I hope you’re inspired to join us next Thursday from 1-2EST on Twitter with the hashtag #omhg or you can visit which helps make the chat a little less overwhelming and saves you from having to remember to type in #omhg every time. New to Twitter? No problem, we’re all friendly and I’m always happy to introduce you to the basics. Just DM me @ohmyhandmade. No idea what a hashtag or DM is? Check this post out. Not sure why Twitter is worth your time? Here are my ten reasons you should find your flock.

I’m looking forward to planning creative world domination with your lovely selves weekly!

Do you have any survival tips to share? Leave your sanity savers in the comments and learn some new tricks.


  1. Joy says:

    Love this! Thanks for putting it together!

    I need to get a tattoo of this one somewhere where I can see it daily: “ellivenstudio: IÂ’ve learned and only recently that the best remedy for myself is to stop forcing things, they will come, I can only do so much now”

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