Handmade Finds: Great Canadian Winter

handmade canadiana, canadian handmade, canada handmade, canadianahandmade canadiana, canadian handmade, canada handmade, canadianaJessika Hepburn, Editor

We had a missing contribution this week so I get to share a quick round up of 7 of my favourite Canadian handmade artists, inspired by our long, cold & often bitter winters. For whatever reason, each of these pieces just says Canada to me.

1.Our mountains, oceans and bountiful wilderness make Canada glorious. Canadian trendsetter Hindsvik has found some beautiful vintage glass domes to showcase the treasures found on walkabouts in the great Canadian wild. I have a collection of sea urchins and sea horses that would love to live in one of these!

2.Okay, so this isn’t technically “winter” related, but alders & tree houses are a pretty major part of my West Coast childhood. Plus I love all things made by Ontario based designer Jenna Rose, but especially her tree house pillow.

3. I am guilty of spending hours staring covetously at the Granted Clothing website, this David Suzuki sweater is just one reason why I love them. The way they are mixing traditional techniques with modern designs is brilliant. And who doesn’t love David Suzuki?

4. Hand sculpted porcelain pine cones by Coe and Waito reflect the quiet coldness and beauty of Canadian winters

5.What’s more Canadian then wood + wildlife? The hinterland collection by LaPetiteBoheme shows off some of our best known woodland friends.

6. Owls are a common site in many parts of Canada-I love this handprinted owl clutch from the well known Vancouver based Track and Field

7. Nothing says Canada more then boys in toques & plaid jackets drinking beer-it’s like a cultural past time. This iconic bit of Canadiana is perfectly captured in this amazing & hilarious Beer Buddies brooch by TouchTheDutch.

8. If you are living somewhere chilly I hope you are keeping warm and cozy like these ladies from Sartoria are in their cashmere undies & long johns. Exactly what every Canadian needs in February, cashmere and a roaring fire.

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