Rich, happy, hot, juicy, fabulous NYC dreaming!

This past weekend was spent adventuring in crafty land creating this movie for Heartweed to submit to Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy & Hot Live competition. Whether or not we win a trip to NYC, a grand time was had illustrating, shooting and editing this little snapshot of handmade goodness. Plus there is a wee bit of us dancing like crazy folk (oh wait, we ARE crazy folk!) to brighten up your week. This was my first time editing a movie but we had such a blast that more videos are in the works for Heartweed (& maybe OMHG!).

Fingers and toes crossed that we win and I get a chance to visit with all the New York City friends I have made online!


  1. Mayi Carles says:

    You girls get my standing ovation for that crafty-lious + totally fun vid. I’m crossing even my toe fingers to meet you ladies in NY… it’s would be a dream come true. Better than the Disney kind 🙂

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