Every Week is A Party with #OMHG

by Jessika Hepburn, Editor

a quick study, #omhg, jessika hepburn, individuality quotes, free printable quote{#omhg quote by Zoe of A Quick Study featuring my words! Click here to download from source}

Numbers don’t mean much to me-it’s not about how many readers or followers I have or if our traffic is amazing. What is important to me is people-making real connections and building friendships. It might not ever make me a millionaire but, cliche as it might sound, it makes me feel richer then any fat bank balance ever has.

Nothing has allowed me to build friendships like our weekly #omhg Twitter chats. We meet every Thursday from 1-2EST no matter what else is going on around us. Sometimes people can only stop by for a quick hello and others get deep into the conversation-some faces I see every week and others a new friends waiting to be made. It’s really like going to a party, minus any social awkwardness. Every week I am blown away by how smart, funny, talented and supportive the women of this community are-just look at these prints!
three by sea,  #omhg, free printable quote, bicycle quote{Life is like riding a bicycle print by Nicole of Three By Sea-available in her Etsy shop + on her blog as free mini prints}

All of these wonderful prints in this post are inspired by our weekly chats and there is enough fuel for many more-stay tuned for an exciting new project by the #omhg crew. As we gear up for some fun changes around here to celebrate my 365 days of editing Oh My (yay!) I am starting by changing up our sidebar with a new #omhg category where you can find everything related to our chats. Since they are such a large part of our community I will be posting the chat transcripts + highlights Thursday evenings before the post of the day. To bring us all up to speed click here to download our #omhg transcript for June. Some day I will find a transcript program that I can make pretty (let me know if you find one) but I’ll keep on looking since…

joy charde, creative mamma, #omhg, twitter chats, inspiration prints{Complacency=slow death quote by Zoe was made into this rocking print by Joy Chare of Creative Mamma.

Download the free printable right here.}

I hope we’ll see you tomorrow on Twitter for our last chat of the month! We’ll be wrapping up our chat about storytelling and getting ready for our Oh My! Party theme.


  1. The chats are one of those things I look forward to every week. I may not always be able to participate (you know how it is with toddlers!) but I do go over the tweets–they are like a good friend chatting over coffee or sweet tea.

    Thanks for organizing a bit of sunshine into a hectic day.

  2. Jessika says:

    Thanks Erika! I love the way you put that & it is exactly how I feel-a bit of sunshine in the eye of the storm: ) I am glad to hear you are with us even if you can’t make it to the chat: )

  3. Joy Charde says:

    Hugs to you, Erika! Life with toddlers… say no more!

    Our chats – one of the highlights of my week! I learn so much from the wonderful people that come and share!

    Thanks for all the hard work that you put into it all, Jessika (and thanks for posting the print).


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