Oh My! Holidays + The Ultimate Entrepreneur Giveaway

the ultimate entrepreneur giveaway, win a new biz for the new yearOur Countdown to Christmas theme is over already but a whole new countdown is on! With just 26 days left before the big day there isn’t much time left for new holiday promotions. We’ll be releasing new e-books post Christmas so you can save all this holiday insight away for planning ahead next year. Tomorrow we start a new theme: Oh My! Holidays, we will be winding down our business posts to revel in the magic of the holidays. For the next few weeks we will share tutorials, recipes and stories of our traditions and memories + of course, plenty of handmade goodness. In our house this month we are all about giving and we’re bringing that to OMHG this year too.

To celebrate the season of giving at midnight we kick off our theme with a New Biz for the New Year entrepreneur giveaway. We are giving three creative entrepreneurs a chance to win a new business for the new year! A team of our contributors including Aeolida, Ahoy Graphics, Moxie Pear and Tracey Selingo (+ more!) have come together to share their amazing skills and experiences with our three special winners. With prizes valued at over $6500 (!!!!) this is by far the biggest, bestest, and most generous, giveaway we have ever hosted. So put on your party hats and join in by entering and/or spreading the word to your entrepreneur friends near and far. The giveaway post goes live December 1st at 12:01 AM EST!

I can’t wait to press publish and share our giveaway with you all in less than 24 hours. We’ve been plotting and planning for months behind the scenes to make this happen, and now the day is almost here-it feels like Christmas Eve!

Since we all live in such far flung places and we can’t celebrate together in person I hope you will come party with us here; in the comments, on Twitter and Facebook + of course, by entering our giveaway-it is our gift to you after all. See you at a minute past midnight!

the ultimate entrepreneur giveaway, win a new biz for the new year


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