#OMHG August 11-Retail Recipes Q & A

selling handmade, handmade retail, handmade wholesaleingWe had a great chat today with our special co-host Grace Kang of Retail Recipes (and Pink Olive Boutique!) who came to chat with us about retail and give her expert feedback on peoples stories, ideas and questions. If you have ever thought of selling your work in shops or selling wholesale this transcript is a must read! We covered line sheets, newsletters, wholesale pricing & a bunch more. If you missed the chat and still have retail questions Grace has you covered-just visit her Ask Grace page and submit your question, she might answer it here in one of her monthly columns!


  • ThreeBySea It seems like realistic pricing is a huge impediment to selling handmade retail. #omhg
  • retailrecipes buyers get TONS of submission. make it easy for them to “check you out.” #omhg
  • ClareYuille #omhg hello, first timer here! We have a shop and can give one tip: find out owner’s name and use it. We get loads to Sir, Madam or no-one!
  • perideaudesigns Do some of the work for potential retailers. Scan their shop and help them envision your items there. #omhg
  • MeaganVisser I try to price competitively, but struggle with charging more for my items. There’s always someone out there who’ll sell it cheaper. #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade I think approaching shops is the same as approaching editors-show you know their style, name, market & always be respectful! #omhg
  • traceyselingo when you climb into the lowest price hole you rarely climb out a winner #omhg
  • retailrecipes 2 things that i ALWAYS ask for when designers pitch to me – website and linesheet. don’t pitch until you have at least those two #omhg
  • ClareYuille #omhg Last tip for approaching shops – don’t be scared! We’re all looking for great stuff all the time, so when you’re ready get in touch!
  • retailrecipes Secret – buyer are ALWAYS looking for great product ideas. if you present a compelling story, beautiful shots and “some” buzz…. #omhg
  • perideaudesigns Don’t be afraid to start. You will make mistakes. There’s never a perfect time to start. #omhg

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