#OMHG August 25- Giving Yourself Permission

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What an awesome and inspiring chat today!  We talked about giving ourselves permission – the theme was inspired by Jessika’s post: Today I give myself permission to…

It’s so hard to let go sometimes and just BE (and enjoy just being).  This is a constant struggle for me and it’s wonderful to know that I’m not the only one that has to balance this and to remind myself – via your tweets – to enjoy – right now.

#OMHG Highlights

Here are just some of the ways we are caring for ourselves:

“I’ve given myself permission to realize that not everything needs to be done now. Trying to allow things to grow organically.” perideaudesigns

“Giving myself permission to just be.” allisajacobs

“I give myself permission to embrace the new directions my business is taking, & to live, laugh & love everyday!” suzibuchan

“I’ve been trying to give myself permission to take little time outs. Whether reading over lunch rather than working… ” Omiyage_ca

“I finally gave myself permission to let go and ask for help” MOXIEpear

“i’ve given myself permission to not wait until a perfect moment & go after new things. our new shop was launched yesterday!”wickedpaper

“I gave myself permission to take more breaks and to let myself have nights off from work.”beateaco

“I have recently given myself permission to just take my time (go at my own pace) w/ everything… including art”JoyCharde

“I’ve given myself permission to not let ‘experts’ guide my decisions about my work. I’ve got skills & a need to use them” nisseworks

“giving myself permission go hit the snooze a 2nd time for that extra 9 minutes” NextStopBaby

“I gave myself permission to get some new tea the other day. There’s nothing more relaxing than hot tea and a book.” SweetMagnoliaLn

“We moved over the weekend, I have myself permission to unpack one step at a time, day by day, despite all the boxes”ncrew

“I gave myself permission to close 1 shop down and turn it into one, so I can have time for my new biz!” erinmgiles

I learn so much from these chats!  If you missed it, no worries, you can read the preview above & the whole transcript here:

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