#OMHG August 4 – Our handmade heritage

Editors note: The lovely Joy Charde of Creative Mamma is joining us as a contributor and will also be putting together our weekly #omhg post-finding the most discussed tweets and pulling the print worthy topics in preparation for an exciting new community project coming in the fall. Welcome aboard Joy!

Happy August!  I’m still in denial that it’s already August.  Anyway,  on today’s chat we talked about our handmade heritage – making quilts with grandma, spinning wool with mom, embroidery with aunts – and to the present,  creating with our own hands while also creating and passing a handmade heritage to our children.  It’s so exciting to realize that the handmade heritage is alive and thriving and will continue to do so from one generation to the next.

#omhg Highlights:

  • perideaudesigns: It’s ironic how fast we have run away from the past only to find ourselves slowly walking back. #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade: I cherish old things-my family is scattered & very little passed on through generations. I believe it is important to value history #omhg
  • allisajacobs: my handmade history influences me to be resourceful in life- make do or do without 🙂 #omhg
  • nisseworks:  An enjoyment of working with our hands, being creative. An acceptance of using our minds to express ourselves. #omhg
  • StarfishQuay: My Mum & I used to spend hours walking round the fields near our house collecting the wool, she’s been a massive inspiration to me #omhg
  • MOXIEpear: My memory would be my grandmother sitting at her old singer sewing machine, with the foot pedal…I loved that machine #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade: its not the size of the company its the ethics & its footprint on the earth (in my opinion) #omhg
  • traceysebastian: I have so many crafty memories. embroidery w/ my aunt. my grandmother teaching me to knit, very precious #omhg
  • Faberuna: #omhg The one thing we always have but not always access is our creativity. Tap into that and create forever.
  • Stamp_48: I want to pass on an appreciation for the home arts. My mom was a working single mom, so I never learned them from her. #omhg
  • ncrew: I love that my 7 year old pays close attention when I’m crafting, she also tries to make what I make #Omhg
Did you miss the chat?  Don’t worry!  You can catch up on the whole conversation (& last weeks) right here!:
What’s your handmade heritage?  Share your thoughts by commenting below or on twitter #omhg.




  1. Welcome to the family Joy! Hard to believe this is only your first post!

    Oh, and I didn’t make the point about the footprint of a company, Jessika did. But it’s a lovely statement, so I’ll happily take credit for it!

    • Jessika says:

      Oops! I didn’t notice that Marisa-love how we were just talking about crediting; )

      I know-seems like Joy has been a contributor all along, silly me for taking so long!

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