#OMHG July 21-Its All About the Little Things

Today our #omhg chat covered celebrating while struggling to find the balance and get it all done. We talked about delegating and asking for help both from friends/family and hiring professionals, plus how just turning off the computer and getting outside or digging in the dirt can be a great reason to celebrate.I’m going to miss our rambling party chats but next week we are back to business and will be having a special guest host for our chat! Srini of Skool of Life and BlogcastFM is joining us to talk about his relationship marketing book. I will also be sharing our first podcast for Oh My! as I interview Srini about his new ebook and his experiences building relationships online. An exciting week! In case you missed it you can check out my interview with BlogcastFM here.

Download the transcript for today’s #omhg chat right here

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