#OMHG July 7-Celebrate With Cake (& pie & cupcakes…)

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Today’s #omhg chat was pure yumminess! We chatted celebrating ourselves and each other, cakes/cupcakes and pies (delicious!) + my near drowning incident yesterday with my daughter & my realization of how important it is to celebrate each day and each breath. Cupcakes are not frivolous, they are soul food, just like our chats. Reading back I am always shocked at how much we manage to talk about in one hour!!!

We also talked about owning our awesomeness, shouting it out, being proud of who we are. Don’t be shy, sing out your awesome abilities in the comments or on Twitter with the hashtag #omhg-you are beautiful, celebrate it!

If you were at the chat what did you take away from our conversation? I hope you all whip up a batch of something scrumptious (like Lisa’s lemon raspberry cupcakes) and have a little party-just because you are alive and life is good: )

Don’t worry if you missed our chat-get all the details by downloading the transcript here!