#OMHG November 17 – Getting your business ready for Christmas

#omhg weekly twitter chat for creative entrepreneurs

Talk about busy!  Judging from the chat today, everyone seems to be busy getting their life and business ready for the upcoming holiday rush (makes me tired just thinking about it)! Is your small business ready?  Read on to find some ways our creative community are preparing for the exciting holiday shopping season.

Next week will be the last #OMHG chat for the year, and we’ll start up again in January, so try to make it to the chat next week! We’ll be sharing our holiday wishlist items for ourselves and our businesses with co-host Marisa of Omiyage.

#OMHG Highlights:

I would like a set of elves 2 stand guard by my office door so I can have uninterrupted work time. bodygelves. that would be cool. @traceyselingo

trying to really analyze any ways to improve efficiency right now. probably should’ve started that before holiday rush…  @allisajacobs

I’m working on stocking up on inventory & getting better photos…but that’s hard since it’s been raining every day   @MeaganVisser

I squeezed in time to make new designs but I just signed for another craft show so I’ll be a production line again soon  @embergrass

I strongly believe that this time of year is a great time 2 refocus on the brand message and prep 4 the next 6 months.   @manusmade

Am busy getting ready for craft show in a couple of weeks. Am also planning handmade xmas cards for customers!  @iamthelab

I switched my workday to be more efficient and get more sleep. Win-win! Bed by 9, up at 4 @perideaudesigns

I am totally focused on my customers at the moment, good customer service & fast shipping = vital at this time of year! @bugsandfishes

Super duper important tweet by Jessika:  “December might be the season of giving but we have our own giveaway here each week-such a generous & kind group of friends you are!” @ohmyhandmade

Read the whole chat here.


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