#OMHG OCTOBER 13 – wrangling our creativity with Lisa Bacon

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First things first, just in case you missed the awesome article that Lisa wrote, read Lisa’s post here: “Wrangle that Creativity” and download the super fun and extremely helpful “Goal Tracker” printable pictured above.  Then, check out the chat  highlights/transcript to get your creative juices going!  Big thanks to Lisa Bacon (@MoxiePear) for being a co-host on today’s chat!

If you end up taking pictures of your notebooks, please leave a comment with a link on Lisa’s post and Jessika will share the photos this month.

#OMHG Highlights:

“really appreciated the “take a week to think about it” part of the post. Amazing what a little time does for creativity @MoxiePear” – @allisajacobs

“something Im coming to grips with – notebooks arent just for looking at, they are for filling with wonderful ideas” – @nisseworks

“Yes! The first point in Lisa’s post was about keeping a notebook to “dump” all those extra ideas into-I couldn’t function without mine” – @ohmyhandmade

“this morn I actually organized my multiple notebks all partially used, they are all now labeled for whatever usage ex: ideas, clients” – @ChicagoFnThreds

“@nisseworks I have this problem too. Helps to stockpile ideas when they’re flowing so you have something to work with in famine times.” – @sparrowscript 

“I have so much craft stuff- I should pass it on to people who are passionate about them and focus on my passion” – @etsyshawlshop 

“… I also keep a clipboard with a fill in style form so I can keep track of product and design ideas :)” – @atouchofwhimsy 

“A collection of coloured #sharpies is also a must” – @myCHILDish

“…I keep 3 moleskine’s in my purse at all times! It’s great when I’m waiting to pick up the kids from their activities.” – @rebecca_jones9

“I think as creative people, we need creative business tools to get us motivated…plain old spreadsheets and lists just don’t help me” – @MoxiePear

Read the whole chat here.


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