#OMHG OCTOBER 20 – living a creative life with Laura Simms

laura simms, create as folk, reserve the right to have crappy ideas quote

What an exciting and inspiring chat yesterday – all about living a creative life with our co-host Laura Simms (@laurasimms).  Just in case you missed it, read Laura’s post “Wonder Walk: fresh tool for fresh sight” about taking some time to really “see” the inspiration around us which will help us live a more creative life.  Special thanks to Laura for co-hosting our chat today!

Also be sure to check out the print made by Nicole of Three By Sea inspired by our chat, then go forth & live it-don’t plan it!

#OMHG Highlights:

“Reserve the right to have crappy ideas.” #omhg @laurasimms

“I don’t believe we have failures in our creative endeavors ~ rather they are stepping stones to creative magnificence!”- @gardenmis

“You don’t have to slow the ideas. Write ’em down. But then pick one and go. USE the inspiration.” –@laurasimms

“re: wonder walk – definitely that quiet time makes a huge difference for me. Need to do it more often!” – @canadahandmade

“My daughters and I go for wonder walks all the time, we explore & collect leaves, rocks, etc…endless inspiration + memory making” – @ohmyhandmade

“my family has always walked in wonder in nature. looking for certain things, making up stories. fairy forests :)” – @traceysebastian

“We love to cultivate & explore. I think that’s one reason Pinterest is such a hit. We become the curator.” – @laurasimms

“I have to make sure that my little things don’t clog up my space or vision!” – @artfulrising

“I’ve had to let myself embrace inspiration time & GO time on their own & not feel pressured to make them be something else” – @allisajacobs

“The USING the inspiration is the important part, isn’t it? Quote in an old journal of mine “Live it, don’t plan it.” – @threebysea

“Never give up. If something doesn’t work put it away in a drawer. Go back to it at a later date” – @sassalynne

Read the whole chat here.


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